#126 — November 8, 2019

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Serverless for the Enterprise with Microsoft Azure — A round-up of a few features Microsoft has been introducing at this week’s Ignite event, including functions with network isolation and no cold start, and simplified secrets management.

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Azure Functions' Premium Plan Now Generally Available — Related to the above item, Azure Functions now has a Premium plan which offers pre-warmed instances, customizable scaling, longer maximum execution time (up to an hour!) and more.


Sell Your Managed Services and APIs to Millions of Developers — Integrate once to distribute your products to the fastest growing platforms on the planet.

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▶  Getting Started with Serverless — A special episode of the popular serverless podcast where the host, Jeremy Daly, outlines a number of topics for people learning serverless and includes clips from his previous guests to back up each point.

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Improved VPC Networking for AWS Lambda Functions Extends to More Regions — We’ve featured this story before (if you’re a AWS Lambda user using VPC networks, it’s a big deal) but this week’s update is that many more regions (including us-west-1 and two of the biggest European ones) now have the improvements too.

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Four More Uncommon Ways to Invoke Your Serverless Functions on AWS — The last in a series of posts covering 12 ‘less common’ ways that AWS Lambda functions can be invoked. This time we see AWS CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Pinpoint, and ALB.

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How to Build Data-Driven GitHub Badges with Node and OpenFaaS Cloud — Learn how you can write your own data-driven GitHub badges for your projects and codebases on GitHub.

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Rethinking Serverless Architectures with Eventbridge — Reflections upon the changes that AWS EventBridge brings to the way you can build serverless apps.

Sarjeel Yusuf

How Do You Manage So Many Serverless Functions? — By grouping them into services based on well-defined patterns and implementing some reasonable optimizations.

John Gilbert

How We Host Our Static Website — How to use S3, CloudFront, and Serverless Components to deploy a static site on AWS.

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Making Test Automation Easy at Luminate Security

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The API Gateway Security Risk You Need to Pay Attention to — The default rate limits on API Gateway mean there’s a way for a bad actor to bring down all of your APIs in one region by hitting just one of them.

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Structuring a Real-World Serverless App — I’m filing this under ‘opinion’ because there are numerous ways to approach the matter, but it’s always good to see how one person’s thought process works.

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