#125 — November 1, 2019

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Yumda: Yum Packages, but for AWS Lambda — Essentially a collection of AWS Lambda-ready binary packages that you can easily install. You can request new packages, build your own, or use the existing ones that include things like GraphicsMagick, OpenEXR, GCC, libpng, Ruby, TeX, and more.


Create a Bookmarking Application with FaunaDB, Netlify and 11ty — Brings together FaunaDB’s serverless cloud database, the Netlify platform (which uses Lambda under the hood), and 11ty (a static site generator) to create a bookmark management site.

Bryan Robinson

Try Blue Matador’s Alert Automation for $100 — You've automated your infrastructure with serverless. Automate your monitoring with Blue Matador. Stop configuring alerts for your Lambda functions, just use Blue Matador. We're so confident you'll love it that you'll get $100 just to demo it.

Blue Matador sponsor

New Relic Acquires IOpipe — IOpipe is a AWS Lambda monitoring and debugging service which has now been acquired to be part of a new New Relic Serverless offering at the popular software analytics firm. IOpipe's founders share their thoughts here.

New Relic

▶  How Can Serverless Improve? — A recording of an hour-long live panel discussion about the serverless paradigm, where it best fits, how its definition gets confused, and more.

Serverless Transformation

Webiny Announces $348K Seed to Build Open-Source Serverless CMS — Webiny is a UK-based startup building a serverless CMS.


Creating, Monitoring, and Testing cron Jobs on AWS Lambda — The process of creating a cron job on AWS using AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework and how to get alerts and security measures in place.

Gareth McCumskey

Making Your First Serverless Function, in 6 Tweets — A fun little Twitter thread built around a set of very short videos demonstrating creating a serverless function using GitHub and Netlify.

Chris on Code on Twitter

A Comparison of Static Form Providers — A high level comparison of several providers who essentially provide the backend for your HTML forms. Where 'serverless' really means someone else's server ;-)

Silvestar Bistrović

Running a Serverless Go Web Application — This is how Google Cloud Run makes containers feel like a serverless app, essentially.

Bart Fokker

Sell Your Managed Services and APIs to Millions of Developers — Integrate once to distribute your products to the fastest growing platforms on the planet.

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How to Build Authenticated Serverless JAMstack Apps with Gatsby and Netlify

Shawn Wang

Don’t Wait for Functionless.. Write 'Less' Functions Instead — While most serverless platforms enable us to throw lots of functions into the cloud to run later, maybe we should consider reducing complexity and having as few functions as we can.

Sheen Brisals