#124 — October 25, 2019

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What is 'Serverless'? The 2020 Edition — More reflections on the constant confusion (and even cognitive dissonance) the word ‘serverless’ can cause and narrowing in on how it’s really about business value. “Serverless is a mindset shift and not a technology..”

Paul Johnston

Catalyst: Zoho's Serverless Platform — Zoho is best known for its online ‘office suite’ of webapps, but now they have their own serverless platform aimed at Node and Java developers running on the same infrastructure as the rest of their apps. You have to request access for now, but it’s always neat to see a new platform.


Top Serverless Best Practices — The Serverless Framework is one of the oldest deployment frameworks for serverless apps, and it remains highly popular. Check out these 10 best practices to keep your serverless apps secure and robust.

Datree.io sponsor

Twilio SOCless: Automated, Serverless Security Runbooks — SOCless is an open source ‘security automation framework’ that Twilio initially built for their own use. It’s built in Python on top of AWS Lambda.

Twilio Blog

The Anatomy of AWS Lambda — A detailed look at what makes AWS’s serverless platform tick from concurrency and cold starts to permissions and contexts.

Damian Sosnowski

The Dynamic Composer: An AWS Serverless Pattern — Serverless expert Jeremy Daly shares a scenario where dynamically composing AWS Lambda functions gets similar results to Step Functions but with a simpler setup.

Jeremy Daly

Migrate Your AWS Lambda Functions to Kubernetes with OpenFaaS — Burton explains the steps for migrating an existing AWS Lambda function to OpenFaaS and Kubernetes to gain portability and additional functionality.

Burton Rheutan

Serverless Handbook – The Resource I Wish I Had — Tired of learning about Serverless from random blogs, GitHub issues, and Stack Overflow comments? Try Serverless Handbook.

Swizec Teller sponsor

Serverless Circuit Breakers with Azure's 'Durable Entities' — How can you stop processing function messages if too many failures are occurring? Durable Entities provides new patterns of solving this common problem.

Jeff Hollan (Microsoft)

▶  Discussing Pushing the Limits of Lambda — If you’ve got an hour and a half of podcast listening time spare, there are two new episodes of Serverless Chats where Jeremy chats with Michael Hart about the inner workings of AWS Lambda, custom runtimes, serverless CI, using Lambda for machine learning, and a lot more. Part 2 is here.

Serverless Chats podcast

Hey AWS - It's Time to Pay OSS Developers — Trek10’s Forrest Brazeal argues that the Serverless Application Repository is so close to being a game-changer but “if AWS wants the Serverless App Repo to be a world-beater, they might have to start giving back a little bit too.”

Forrest Brazeal

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Quite a few interesting replies in this Twitter thread by Kelsey Hightower.