#123 — October 18, 2019

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How AWS Built a Production Service using Serverless Technologies — The creatively named ‘Realworld Serverless Application’ is a project inspired by Amazon’s work on the development of the Serverless Application Repository which itself is built as a production-grade serverless system. Trek10’s Forrest Brazeal also provides some analysis of AWS’s approach.

Naseem, Gupta, and Paracha (AWS)

How to Develop Azure Functions with .NET Core 3.0 — Azure Functions 3.0 preview is now live, letting you develop and publish Azure Functions targeting .NET Core 3.0.

Jeff Hollan

Local Performance for Functions with Lower Latency and Costs — Macrometa’s edge DB brings data to serverless functions and lambdas with low latency, local read / write performance and instant data replication worldwide. Deliver stateful serverless functions with our global database from 175 worldwide regions.

Macrometa sponsor

▶  Discussing Building Serverless Apps Using Architect with Brian LeRoux — On the Serverless Chats podcast, the creator of Architect, a framework for creating Serverless, JavaScript, Python and Ruby apps, talks about the system and why DynamoDB should be your cloud database of choice.

Serverless Chats podcast

What You Need to Know About Caching for Serverless Applications“Caching is still an important part of any serverless application. It improves your application’s scalability and performance. It also helps you keep your cost in check even when you have to scale to millions of users.”

Yan Cui

Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Access Logging to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose — If you’re using AWS Lambda at scale via API Gateway, this could really help you analyze or visualize those logs better.

Amazon Web Services

End-to-End Serverless Real-Time IoT with Python — How to build a complete real-time serverless IoT solution using Python, Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure SignalR Service (live temperature data is the example given here, but it could apply to any sort of continual measurement).

Anthony Chu

How to Set Up a AWS Lambda Function with a Static IP Address — Since you can run Lambda functions in your own VPC, you can control how your Lambda functions connect out to the wider world.

Balkaran Brar

How to Write an AWS Lambda Function with Kotlin and Micronaut — Yes, you can use the JVM’s fastest growing language to write your serverless functions too, and Micronaut is a modern JVM-based framework for structuring such systems.

Sergio del Amo

A Toolkit to Deliver Your API-First Product to Millions of Developers — Everything you need to build, grow, and extend your platform.

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▶  The Not-So-Straightforward Road from Microservices to Serverless — A 50 minute talk covering the microservices and serverless concepts, technologies, and practices, plus how software architects need to change their mindset when adopting a serverless approach.

Phil Calçado

middy: A 'Stylish' Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — Bringing Express-style middleware to the serverless experience.


Campkit: A Framework for Building Node.js Microservices Faster


Flyimg: An Image Resizing and Cropping Service in a Container — .. which can be quickly deployed to Google Cloud as a serverless container using the projects ‘Run on Google Cloud’ button.