#122 — October 11, 2019

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How AWS Lambda is Improving the 'Getting Started' Experience — AWS has added a Create application ‘experience’ to the Lambda console which can create an application from ready-to-use samples that follow best practices.

Amazon Web Services

Cold Starts on Azure Functions — Fast forward a few years and I don’t think we’ll be talking about ‘cold starts’ anymore, but for now, the time it can take a ‘cold’ function to start up and run is a reality and here’s a look at the state of play on Azure Functions including the differences between Linux and Windows-hosted functions.

Mikhail Shilkov

Top Serverless Best Practices — The Serverless Framework is one of the oldest deployment frameworks for serverless apps, and it remains highly popular. Check out these 10 best practices to keep your serverless apps secure and robust.

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faastRuby: An Indie Ruby Serverless Platform Shuts Down? — faastRuby was an interesting, independent serverless platform built at a time when AWS Lambda didn’t support Ruby at all. Reading between the lines, it seems the developer may have been acqui-hired by Shopify but he says he’ll be “taking down all faastRuby servers” as a consequence.

Paulo Arruda

Wake Up to Useful Daily Messages with Java and Azure Functions — It’s not often we get to talk about Java around here (and Java’s presence on FaaS platforms has been slow to grow so far) but this is a pretty accessible tutorial.

Matthew Gilliard (Twilio)

How to Migrate Node-Based AWS Lambda Functions to OpenFaaS — If you want to run your AWS Lambda functions on your own infrastructure, for example.. (OpenFaaS is a system for running a serverless functions system on top of Kubernetes.)

Ruan Bekker

Bigslice: Serverless Cluster Computing in Go(lang) — A serverless cluster data processing system for the Go programming language that exposes a composable API that lets users express data processing tasks in terms of a series of data transformations that invoke user functions.


Visualize Your End-To-End CI/CD Workflow. Supports All Cloud Infrastructures — Build, test, and deploy your serverless infrastructures with complete visibility into your CI/CD workflow. Free and open source.

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Serverless-Dev-Tools: 'Dev Tools' for the Serverless World — Provides a quick overview of your stack as you code, providing feedback and visibility without the need to log into the AWS Console and load the right metrics.

Ben Ellerby, et al.

Fission 1.6: Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes — A framework for Kubernetes-native serverless functions. Write short-lived functions in any language, map them to HTTP requests (or other event triggers), and deploy them instantly.


Building Serverless Data Pipelines on Amazon Redshift By Writing SQL with Datacoral

Raghu Murthy