#121 — October 4, 2019

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Building Resilient Serverless Systems — A 40 minute talk from QCon London on using serverless technologies and an infrastructure-as-code approach to build, and operate resilient large-scale systems, including a walk through a demo where failure is simulated and recovered from.

John Chapin

Testing The Recent Improvements to Lambda VPC Networking — Three weeks ago we featured an announcement that AWS was rolling out changes to its VPC service that would result in dramatic improvements to Lambda function startup performance. These changes are now live in 3 regions and.. the improvements are significant.

Teach Myself Cloud

Build, Grow, and Extend Your API-First Products. — Manifold provides tools that improve adoption and developer experience at any stage. Billing, RBAC, provisioning, credential delivery, and more.

Manifold sponsor

Workers Sites: Extending The Workers Platform with Serverless Building Blocks — Cloudflare has been focusing on improving the tooling around its Workers platform a lot recently, and now you can now deploy entire sites directly to Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV in just three steps.

Ashley Williams (Cloudflare)

Introducing the HTMLRewriter API Beta to Cloudflare Workers — HTMLRewriter is a streaming HTML parser with a selector based JavaScript API for DOM manipulation - now available in the Cloudflare Workers runtime.

Rita Kozlov (Cloudflare)

How to Easily Deploy GraphQL APIs with Serverless Components — The Serverless Frameworks folks introduce their new AWS AppSync component that lets you quickly deploy GraphQL APIs on AWS, and integrate them with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, etc.

Eslam Hefnawy

How to Create a REST API with Azure Functions and Serverless Framework — Serverless Framework started as an AWS Lambda-oriented tool but now lets you work with different systems too, such as here, where you get to see how to create, run and deploy a simple REST API on Azure Functions.

Tanner Barlow

Should You Pack The AWS SDK in Your Deployment Artefact?“A version of the AWS SDK is always bundled into the Lambda runtime for your language. So the conventional wisdom says you don’t need to include it in your deployment artefact. I’m here to tell you otherwise.”

Yan Cui

The Art of PostgreSQL: A Book for Developers to Get Better at SQL — The book that teaches SQL to developers: Learn to replace thousands of lines of code with simple queries.

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How I Future-Proofed My Tech Stack“Start simple, but don’t ever sacrifice your ability to scale,” says the author who’s using AWS Lambda, S3, Aurora MySQL, MongoDB Atlas, and more to build his managed GraphQL API service.

Albert Santalo

'Don’t Use Azure Functions as a Web Application' — An opinion piece that suggests that if you’re trying to build a full-scale webapp, maybe serverless isn’t where you should be turning first.

Maarten Balliauw

Azure Functions Action: GitHub Actions for Deploying to Azure Functions — A way to use GitHub’s new Actions workflow platform to deploy a project to Azure Functions.


AWS Serverless Java Container: A Java Wrapper to Run Spring, Jersey, Spark, and Other Apps on AWS Lambda — I’m not one of them, alas, but this is apparently a bit of a jump forward for any Java-using AWS Lambda users!

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Sean Mare from the Gemological Institute of America discusses the serverless architecture GIA and Trek10 built for the high-stakes world of diamond grading.

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