#120 — September 27, 2019

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Faastest: FaaS Providers and Runtimes Benchmarked — Remember you always need to be careful with benchmarks, look at who’s doing them, why, and get a feel for the methodology before drawing a conclusion. Luckily this is open source, supports numerous providers and runtimes, and is open to contributions (can anyone add Ruby runtimes to this, please? 😄)


They Can't Hack Your Servers If You Don't Have Any Servers, Right? — Wrong! Serverless does a lot when it comes to how much ops work you have to do, but it doesn’t make your app invulnerable. Matthew also gave a lightning talk which covers the same ground.

Matthew Henderson

Advance Your Website with WebOps — WebOps empowers web teams to drive results. Learn what WebOps is and why it matters.

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Running Transient Servers with Serverless — An interesting idea, this. Using AWS Lambda essentially as a scheduler for temporary EC2 instances in order to run background jobs.. Interesting to see, though I think there are better solutions.

Martin Raag

Cloud Native is 'Serverless-First' — Serverless isn’t an all or nothing approach and it’s never final. “It is a reversible decision, because serverless architecture is disposable.

John Gilbert

AWS Lambda Now Supports Custom Batch Window for Kinesis and DynamoDB Event Sources — If you’re processing data from Kinesis or DynamoDB streams, Batch Window lets you build up the amount of data waiting to process in these streams so you can process a larger amount of data in fewer invocations.

Amazon Web Services

Top 10 Best Practices for Serverless Framework — If you’re deploying your apps using the Serverless Framework, here are some quick tips and practices to consider.

Yan Cui

▶  The LEGO Store's Serverless Journey — LEGO, the popular plastic brick toy company, has been gradually migrating its legacy e-commerce system over to one inspired by serverless principles.

Sheen Brisals

Clubhouse Is Now Free for Up to 10 Users — Get your hands on the snappy, modern project management tool for developers. Free Plan includes all core features.

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Why I Pick Heroku Over AWS Lambda (But Not Always) — Another post about weighing up the pros and cons of the serverless billing approach. Sometimes a cheap VPS (or a Heroku dyno) can do what you want for a guaranteed price.

Tim Nolet

How to Switch An Existing Azure SQL Database From Provisioned Compute to Serverless — Azure’s SQL Database service has a ‘serverless’ compute tier that scales and bills based on workload demand and computing power used.

Channel 9

Building a Serverless FHIR Interface on AWS — If the term FHIR isn’t familiar to you, join the club! It stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources and is an interoperability standard for sharing healthcare data.

Mithun Mallick and Navneet Srivastava