#119 — September 20, 2019

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AWS Step Functions Adds Support for Dynamic ParallelismStep Functions is a managed service for coordinating tasks around workflows built up of, surprise, multiple steps. What’s been added is support for dynamic parallelism within a workflow.

Amazon Web Services

Introducing NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB — AWS has released a Windows and macOS app for working with DynamoDB. Beware, however, as there are numerous reports of it breaking ~/.aws/credentials files (so be sure to back yours up!)

Amazon Web Services

Use Your Website to Drive Results? You Need WebOps — Learn how WebOps empowers web teams to drive results.

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Could AWS CDK Replace Terraform and the 'Serverless Framework'? — I know many readers will immediately be shouting ‘no’ at this headline 😄 but given how Amazon tends to move, it wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon’s Cloud Development Kit (CDK) becomes more significant over time.

Kevin van Ingen

AWS Fargate Deep Dive: What, When, and Comparisons — As long as your app’s in a container, Fargate will get it running on AWS for you. How does it compare to other options?

Abhishek Ray

How I'm Writing Serverless Services in Go — Some tips and tricks for writing robust serverless Go services on AWS Lambda.

Ewan Valentine

Serverless? '15% Slower and 8x More Expensive' — It’s really important to test things out, as Einar did, and do the sums to see if serverless’s approach to billing makes sense for your use case. It didn’t for his!

Einar Egilsson

How to Build Google Actions using Azure Functions — I haven’t bought one of Google’s smart speakers yet, but if you have and you want to build a function for it..


Developing a Serverless WhatsApp Chatbot — On Azure Functions, specifically.

Luis Beltran

How Cloudflare Designs Features for Wrangler, the Cloudflare Workers CLI — A look behind the scenes of how the Cloudflare team works on their serverless platform’s tooling.

Ashley M Lewis and Gabbi Fisher (Cloudflare)

ZEIT Now Adds Wildcard Domain Support