#118 — September 13, 2019

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Is Serverless The End of Ops? (Spoiler: No) — With a serverless architecture carrying all of the ops load, what does that mean for sysadmins? Ultimately.. just more complexity as serverless is just one paradigm amongst many.

Chrissie Buchanan (GitLab)

Why You Should Use Temporary Stacks When You Do Serverless — Using temporary CloudFormation stacks when you’re doing serverless development helps your development and testing processes stay flexible.

Yan Cui

Minimize Downtime in Production with Cloud-Based Distributed Load Testing — While often overlooked, load testing is one way to help mitigate downtime risk by ensuring that your application is ready for production before deployments.

InfluxData sponsor

Initial Information about Azure Functions 3.0 — The next update to Azure’s serverless platform aims to be a “highly backwards compatible release” but will support .NET Core 3.0 and 3.1. A preview is due next month with GA in early 2020.

Microsoft Azure

Announcing the RabbitMQ Extension for Azure Functions — The new RabbitMQ extension allows you to trigger and write queue messages to RabbitMQ from Azure Functions.

Jeff Hollan (Microsoft)

An Overview of Azure Durable Functions — Sure, it’s just the documentation, but it’s had quite a bit of refactoring and provides a good overview of Azure’s extension for creating serverless stateful workflows.

Microsoft Azure

Sending a Weather Forecast with an AWS Lambda and Twilio“Recently I needed to get a daily weather forecast, but wanted to get it over text message rather than an app or email..” A nice straightforward walkthrough.

Andrew Evans

12 New Features of AWS Amplify — An overview of the most popular new features of AWS Amplify, a sort of ‘sub-platform’ within AWS that provisions and manages backends for both mobile and Web applications.

Nader Dabit

Come to Percona Live and Discover the Latest Open Source Trends and Innovations — Join us in Amsterdam to explore hot topics, new features, and trends from top industry experts.

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Building an Event-Driven Pipeline in AWS Using Serverless

Kyle Galbraith

Use Serverless AWS Step Functions to Reduce VPC Costs

Kevin van Ingen

▶  10 Minute Serverless Azure Functions.. Without an IDE — Building an HTTP Triggered API call with Azure Functions directly in your browser in under ten minutes.

Heather Downing

Fission 1.5: Serverless Functions for Kubernetes — A framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes. Here are the highlights of this week’s 1.5 release.

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