#128 — November 22, 2019

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AWS Lambda Now Supports SQS FIFO As An Event Source — AWS Lambda has had support for standard SQS queues for a while now, but it now supports FIFO queues too making it easier to build serverless apps where the order of messages coming in via a queue is important.

James Beswick (AWS)

Node.js 12.x, Java 11, and Python 3.8 Runtimes Now Available on AWS Lambda — You can now develop serverless functions on AWS Lambda using a new Node 12 runtime, complete with its more up to date version of V8. Note that Lambda’s 8.10 runtime enters ‘end of life’ next month so it’s time to get upgrading.

If you're more into Java, here's the Java 11 announcement. Or for you Pythonistas, the Python 3.8 announcement.

Eric Johnson (AWS)

Easy CRUD APIs in Minutes - Turn a DB Query into a Function — Macrometa’s Global Data Network is a new way to build serverless apps and APIs. Create CRUD APIs in minutes by turning your SQL queries into serverless functions that run across 175 global regions - closer to your users for maximum performance.

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KEDA 1.0: Kubernetes-based Event-Driven Autoscaling — KEDA is an open sourced component that can run in any Kubernetes cluster to provide event-driven autoscaling for every container. KEDA can also be paired with the open source Azure Functions runtime to enable additional serverless capabilities within Kubernetes.


Google App Engine Gets Some New Runtimes Too — It’s not just AWS Lambda getting new runtimes, Google’s App Engine has too, including Node.js 12, Go 1.13, PHP 7.3, and Python 3.8.

Google Cloud Blog

Dashbird's Serverless Knowledge Base — Dashbird is an AWS monitoring service and they’ve put together a public knowledge base covering topics from serverless generally to Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and logging.


Real-World AWS Lambda Use Cases for the DevOps Engineer — How can AWS Lambda reduce operational overhead and costs and increase productivity for ops folks?

Emrah Samdan

The Art of PostgreSQL: A Book for Developers to Get Better at SQL — The book that teaches SQL to developers: Learn to replace thousands of lines of code with simple queries.

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AWS Serverless WebSockets — Introduction Around the Pitfalls — I’ve played briefly with API Gateway’s WebSockets support and was impressed, but there are a lot of moving parts to take into account when actually using it.

Joonas Laitio

Lambda API: A Lightweight Web Framework for Serverless Apps — A stripped down framework that takes an Express-esque approach to putting together serverless JavaScript apps to run on AWS Lambda behind API Gateway.

Jeremy Daly

Tab Dump

Why Serverless Computing Matters to the Enterprise

Will Hall

Why Use Google Cloud Run? 5 Compelling Reasons to Opt for Serverless Containers

Geshan Manandhar