#114 — August 16, 2019

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Faster Serverless Functions with WebAssembly Modules — WebAssembly can provide an interesting way to speed up serverless functions by letting you use C, C++ or Rust code in a safe way. This tutorial focuses on IBM Cloud Functions but ‘should work’ on other platforms too.

James Thomas

Building a GraphQL Server on the Edge with Cloudflare Workers — Cloudflare has open sourced workers-graphql-server, a “batteries-included” GraphQL server that you can run straight on their edge serverless platform, Workers. There’s a deployed demo here.

Kristian Freeman and Remy Guercio

A Better Way to Track Your Backlog — Want a project management tool that's both powerful and a joy to use? Designed for developers, Clubhouse simplifies your workflow. Seamless integration with GitHub, GitLab, Slack and more. Start your free trial today and get 2 extra free months.

Clubhouse.io sponsor

▶  Discussing Chaos Engineering in Serverless — The latest episode of the fantastic Serverless Chats podcast is out and this week the discussion is on chaos engineering, the idea of deliberately testing failures within a system in order to make the system more resilient.

Serverless Chats podcast

How to Schedule Any Task with AWS Lambda — Let’s say you have a Lambda function you want to run at a certain time. You could trigger it with an external HTTP request or CloudWatch Events but there are two other clever ideas here that I had never thought of before..

Renato Byrro

Understanding the AWS Lambda – SQS Integration — SQS is AWS’s distributed message queue service and it can be used to invoke Lambda functions in various ways. Here’s a deeper look at how the integration works.

Frank Rosner

A Beginner's Guide to AWS AppSync — AppSync is a serverless, managed GraphQL API service based on AWS. This tutorial covers the basics of using it from Node.

Ran Ribenzaft

Tracking API Gateway Metrics in Serverless Framework Apps — A framework like Serverless Framework can make dealing with AWS’s various services easy, but monitoring them? Serverless Inc is working on that too.

Alex DeBrie (Serverless, Inc.)

Using Callback URLs for Approval Emails with AWS Step Functions — A clever use for a Step Functions state machine – sending out an email and then awaiting for a user to click an approve/reject link within the mail.

Ben Kehoe

Building a Full-Stack Serverless App with Cloudflare WorkersWorkers is Cloudflare’s edge-located serverless JavaScript platform. This walkthrough demonstrates how to build apps on it and store data on its key-value storage system.

Kristian Freeman

Test Drive GoCD in Minutes

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Using DynamoDB Streams to Create Live Dashboards — A comparison of different approaches to creating DynamoDB-driven live dashboards, using AWS Lambda, ElastiCache, and Rockset (a serverless search and analytics platform).

Ari Erkmekji (Rockset)

The Traits of Serverless Architecture — Those traits are “low barrier-to-entry, hostless, stateless, elasticity, distributed, and event-driven.”

Wisen Tanasa (ThoughtWorks)

▶  How a GE Aviation Business Built a Serverless App to Manage Expenses — The latest in a long line of AWS case study videos. It’s not deep, but in 4 minutes you get a feel for how GE stitched together some of AWS’s services for their app.

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