#113 — August 9, 2019

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▶  Welcome to Serverless 2.0 — At GOTO Chicago 2019, Alex Ellis, the creator of OpenFaaS, gave a talk about the hype around serverless and how the industry is shifting towards viable, long-term and battle tested standards. He also compares OpenFaas to Kubeless and Knative.

Alex Ellis

AWS Amplify Gets Local Mocking and Testing Features — The Amplify Framework can now locally mock AppSync GraphQL APis, AWS Lambda functions, S3, Cognito pools and more, making the development process a lot easier. Here’s a practical walkthrough of the features.

Amazon Web Services

Running InfluxDB on AWS with Cloud Formation — Creating and running a cloud instance through a major cloud provider is one gap that Data Science camps don’t cover. In this blog, we will fill that gap by running the Influx 2.0 Docker image on AWS with Cloud Formation.

InfluxData sponsor

A Look at Serverless Framework's EventBridge Integration — Announced just a month ago, AWS EventBridge provides a serverless, event-driven way to connect third party services and AWS services together. Serverless Framework now has a way to work directly with it, and here are two use cases.

Philipp Müns (Serverless, Inc.)

▶  Discussing Observability in Modern Applications with Ran Ribenzaft — In the latest episode of the Serverless Chats podcast, the co-founder and CTO of Epsagon (who produce a popular tool for monitoring serverless apps) talks about observability and instrumentation of serverless functions.

Serverless Chats podcast

How We Reduced Lambda Functions Costs by Thousands of Dollars — When your AWS Lambda functions are being invoked 80 million times per day it’s worth getting smart about optimizing the experience and monitoring your spend.

Mohamed Labouardy

How to Get the Most Out of CloudWatch Logs — How to use the monitoring capabilities of CloudWatch Logs and CloudWatch Logs Insights with your AWS Lambda functions.

Yan Cui

Monolith to Microservices to Serverless: One Company's Journey — It’s brief and high level, but here’s the tale of how call tracking service ResponseTap broke their monolithic app into Docker-ised microservices and then embraced AWS and serverless computing.

Ben Jones

Save 40% Off Your Manning Order — Take your skills to the next level. Manning Publications are offering 40% off your entire order when you use the code sersta40.

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▶  A Practical Introduction to Serverless GraphQL Functions on AWS — Jason Lengstorf spends an hour with AWS’s Kurt Kemple looking at the practicalities of building a serverless GraphQL API on AWS using AppSync and Amplify.

Jason Lengstorf

Road Testing Serverless Framework’s ComponentsLast week, we mentioned the launch of Serverless Inc’s Serverless Components beta. It’s great to see people kicking the tires already.

Gavin Lewis