#112 — August 2, 2019

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Serverless Components: 'Deploy Use Cases, Not Infrastructure'Serverless Framework provides a popular abstraction over different FaaS platforms and their capabilities, and Components takes things a step further by introducing easily deployed, reusable ‘components’.

Austen Collins (Serverless, Inc.)

AWS Lambda Power Tuning — A state machine powered by AWS Step Functions to help you tune your Lambda functions’ memory configuration. Provide it with any Lambda function and it’ll run it under various configurations to let you analyze the best way to go.

Alex Casalboni

Video for Serverless: Build Video in Just Two API Calls — Mux Video is an API-first platform, powered by data and designed by video experts to make beautiful video possible for every development team.

Mux sponsor

Ten Things Serverless Architects Should Know — Such as API and microservices design principles, workflow orchestration, CI/CD patterns and more.

Justin Pirtle

Serverless.Help: Ask Serverless Experts a Question — It’s early days (9 questions and answers so far) but the folks at Trek10 have put together a neat little ‘serverless Q&A’ site. Chuck some questions their way.


How I'm Writing Serverless Node.js Services These Days — Some thoughts from a developer mostly using serverless on commercial projects.

Ewan Valentine

▶  Do We Need To Worry About Disk Space in Serverless? — Watch a developer create a chaos engineering experiment involving a disk space failure.

Gunnar Grosch

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Distributed Tracing for Observability — Everyone reads about monitoring vs. observability, and I've had the chance to experience the main concept behind this movement.

InfluxData sponsor

Building a Modern CI/CD Pipeline in the Serverless Era with 'GitOps' — ‘GitOps’ is the idea of treating a Git repository as the central, canonical resource in a software project.

Shimon Tolts

A Basic AWS Lambda Serverless Costs Calculator — It’s not advanced at all but could help you get a rough, ballpark figure of costs in a basic scenario.

Bref / Null

Chaos Lambda: Chaos Injection for Python Users of AWS Lambda — Inject a little chaos into your Python-based Lambda functions to test their resiliency to third-party API problems.

Adrian Hornsby