#111 — July 26, 2019

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Laravel Vapor: A New Serverless PHP Platform — Vapor is an AWS Lambda-powered, serverless deployment platform for Laravel, a popular modern PHP framework. If this interests you, there’s a complete hour long keynote showing off how it works, or if you prefer a writeup..


The Serverless Framework Expands, Offers Monitoring, Testing, and More — As well as being (and remaining) an open source toolkit for working with serverless functions, Serverless Framework offers a broader suite of services provided by Serverless Inc. now including real-time monitoring, testing, secrets management and security features. Oh, and you can use it all for free, too.

Austen Collins (Serverless, Inc)

A Better Way to Track Issues and Manage Backlog — Want a project management tool that's both powerful and a joy to use? Designed for developers, Clubhouse simplifies your workflow. Seamless integration with GitHub, GitLab, Slack and more. Start your free trial today and get 2 extra free months.

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How Serverless Is Changing Security: The Good, Bad, Ugly, and How to Fix It — A high level roundup of the security concerns that serverless approaches do (and don’t) affect. Serverless changes the security concerns of an app, but it doesn’t entirely remove them.

Distillery Tech

Serverless Inc. Unveils Its 'Plugins Support Program' — A program aimed at supporting people and companies building plugins for Serverless Framework. So if that’s you..

Serverless Inc.

Adobe I/O Runtime: Adobe's Enterprise Serverless Platform — Only available to Adobe’s enterprise level customers, Adobe I/O Runtime is an OpenWhisk-based serverless platform for tying together Adobe-hosted content and APIs with JavaScript.

Mihai Corlan

Injecting Chaos to AWS Lambda Functions with Lambda Layers.. Again! — An update to work done in an article we linked six months ago about using chaos engineering with AWS Lambda functions to test the resiliency of your architecture.

Adrian Hornsby

Understand AWS Serverless Architecture in 10 Minutes — A neat explanation of the various elements on AWS that can help you when architecting an AWS-based serverless app, including the various things that can trigger Lambda functions.

Corentin Doue

How to Connect SNS to Kinesis for Cross-Account Delivery via API Gateway

Yan Cui

AWS EventBridge: Revolutioning Serverless or CloudWatch Events 2.0? — The initial excitement around EventBridge isn’t tapering off yet.

Mark Runyon

Visualize Lambda Trace Data from AWS X-Ray with Datadog — Datadog’s AWS X-Ray integration allows you to see requests as they travel across your serverless architecture. See for yourself - start a free trial.

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Running Serverless PHP on Google App Engine + Cloud Firestore with Firevel — It’s a good week for PHP here. Firevel is a modified version of Laravel designed to work in a serverless manner within Google App Engine.

Michael Slowik

Eigensheep: Run Jupyter Notebook Cells on AWS Lambda with Massive ParallelismJupyter Notebook is a popular system for creating documents that contain a myriad of ‘live’ elements such as code, visualizations, equations, etc. This is an experimental effort to let notebooks run cells on AWS Lambda.

Kevin Kwok