#110 — July 19, 2019

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How to Dynamically Generate Social/OpenGraph Images Serverlessly — If you paste certain URLs into social tools like Twitter or Slack, you’ll see a neat social sharing image appear. These can be created manually, but what if you want to dynamically generate them? Here’s how to do that with Node.js and ZEIT Now.

Leigh Halliday

Announcing AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code — If you’re a VS Code user and AWS Lambda function developer, this toolkit is for you. It lets you test your code locally with step-through debugging in a Lambda-like environment, deploy the code you build, invoke local and remote functions, and more.

Amazon Web Services

Explore Performance Data from All Lambda Functions in One Place with Datadog — Gain full visibility into your serverless architecture and resolve performance issues fast. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

Amazon EventBridge: The Biggest Thing Since AWS Lambda Itself?Last week we covered the launch of EventBridge, a new serverless event bus on AWS. Now it’s time for the hot takes. At Trek10, they’re loving it and think it’ll play an important role in building serverless solutions in future.

Jared Short

Monitoring CI/CD Pipelines with Amazon EventBridge — A basic but practical look at using EventBridge in a practical way. Essentially you get CircleCI to send an event to EventBridge which then triggers a Lambda function.

Yi Ai

Cloud Run Now Available in 4 Regions — It’s still in beta, but Google Cloud Platform’s way to run stateless request driven containers is now available in four regions in Tokyo, Belgium (ideal for EU companies worried about GDPR issues), Iowa, and South Carolina.

Google Cloud

▶  Discussing Amazon EventBridge with Mike Deck — If you’ve not checked out the Serverless Chats podcast yet, you should. In the latest episode, Jeremy Daly (who also edits the Off-by-None serverless newsletter) chats to AWS’s Mike Deck about Amazon EventBridge, how it works, and what it means for the future of webhooks.

Serverless Chats podcast

Basic Integration Testing with Serverless Framework — The latest Serverless Framework release makes it easier to test APIs built with the framework.

Maciej Skierkowski

The End is Near for Traditional Website Hosting — Website hosting dates back to the 1990’s. Where is website hosting in 2019 and why is traditional website hosting dead?

Pantheon sponsor

How to Extract a Huge Zip File in an Amazon S3 Bucket by using AWS Lambda and Python — This is a very specific task but an interesting way to work around Lambda’s 512MB local storage limit.

John Paul Hayes

Turning Microsoft Word Documents into Audio Playlists using Amazon Polly — A serverless workflow to convert Microsoft Word documents into an MP3 audio playlist using Amazon Polly and AWS Lambda.

Vinod Shukla

aws-lambda-fastify: Use Fastify to Build AWS Lambda FunctionsFastify is a Hapi and Express-inspired plugin-oriented Web framework and this will help you use it in a serverless manner.

Adriano Raiano