#109 — July 12, 2019

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Amazon EventBridge: Event-Driven AWS Integration for SaaS Apps — Most companies now use a vast array of SaaS apps for various tasks (customer service, monitoring, CRM, etc.) and EventBridge aims to.. bridge the divide between these apps and your own by way of a serverless event bus that connects application data from your own apps, SaaS, and AWS services.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

How I Made AWS Lambda Work for My SaaS — I always like a good story-meets-case-study. Here, we get the story of how an API monitoring service uses AWS Lambda coupled with distributed background jobs to keep things running.

Tim Nolet

Save 40% Off Your Manning Order — Take your skills to the next level! Manning Publications are offering 40% off your entire order at manning.com when you use the code sersta40. Whether it's their range of cloud titles or something new you're looking for, it's the perfect time to get learning.

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▶  13 Talks from Serverless Days London 2018 — Serverless Days London 2019 just took place and it seemed to be very popular but the videos from last year’s event have just been uploaded to YouTube which is nice.


Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless Now Generally AvailableAmazon Aurora is a performance-oriented AWS-based database that provides MySQL and Postgres compatibility and charges per instance by the hour. However, the serverless variant auto-scales and lets you simply ‘pay as you go’ (to a point - you have to define a minimum and maximum amount of capacity). I think it stretches the term ‘serverless’ somewhat, but hey.

Amazon Web Services

Understanding the Different Ways to Invoke AWS Lambda Functions — There are basically three broad types of invocation: synchronous (something runs a function immediately), asynchronous (triggered by a system like S3, SNS, or SES), and poll-based (via stream/queue services like SQS).

George Mao

Amplify Framework Adds Support for AWS Lambda Triggers in Auth and Storage Categories — Now you can set up AWS Lambda triggers directly from the Amplify CLI to call Lambda functions for authentication, database actions, and storage operations provided by other AWS services.

Nader Dabit (AWS)

Surviving a Year with Azure Functions — A client insisted a developer use Azure Functions, he wasn’t keen, but a year later.. he shares his story and a package called Tote, a starter kit of sorts for Azure Functions.

Ali Zahid

Test Drive First Class CI/CD Pipelines — Use our new test drive to quickly see how GoCD helps solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more.

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S3 or DynamoDB? — How to choose the right storage system for AWS Lambda functions.

Gojko Adzic

Why You Should Use AWS Step Functions

Keith Coughtrey


Understanding Azure Durable Functions: A SeriesDurable Functions add an extra dimension to Azure’s usual FaaS platform by letting you define stateful workflows using an orchestrator function.

Jason Roberts

Build Node.js APIs Using Serverless — Microsoft’s Simona Cotin talks about how to migrate an API of an existing app to Azure Functions, and how to use Visual Studio Code and the Azure Functions extension to speed up the process.

Simona Cotin

Using Azure Functions Core Tools in Azure Cloud Shell — Azure Functions Core Tools is a local development CLI tool for building and deploying Azure Functions, but you can use it in the cloud on Azure Cloud Shell too.

Ahmed Elnably

Dynamic Image Resizing with Ruby and the Serverless Framework

Bryan Killian