#108 — July 5, 2019

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▶  Securing Serverless and Container Services — An hour long talk from last week’s re:Inforce event focusing on best practices, patterns, and demos on securing serverless services using a combination of approaches.

Tomas Clemente Sanchez

Load-Testing Azure Functions with Loader.io — When the Azure team unveiled the new Premium plan for its serverless platform, it used Loader to run some benchmarks and you can do it too.

Mikhail Shilkov

Take Back Your Development Time with Pantheon — Pantheon’s WebOps platform empowers developers. With our cloud-based development tools and automated workflows, you can develop, test, and launch sites faster and focus on more than simply sustaining your web presence. Try today for free.

Pantheon sponsor

How to Monitor AWS Lambda with CloudWatch Metrics — CloudWatch Metrics provides you with basic metrics and alerting for your Lambda functions. Here’s the basics and what some of the limitations are.

Yan Cui

Building Serverless Web Apps with AWS and Kotlin — Kotlin is a relatively new language that runs on the JVM (Google is even suggesting Android developers use it instead of Java) and it, too, can be used to build serverless web apps on AWS Lambda.

Chris Kent

🔐 Serverless talks from AWS re:Inforce 2019

Amazon Web Services' security-focused re:Inforce event took place last week and serverless topics appeared in several talks, some of which we're featuring here:

▶  Securing Enterprise-Grade Serverless Applications
George Mao

▶  Serverless AI-Powered Identity Management
Stefan Buchman

▶  Building a Dashboard Using Serverless Security Analytics
Umesh Ramesh

▶  Serverless Remediation in Financial Services: A Custom Tool
Kyle Sheldon

Slides: Serverless Security: Best practices and mitigation strategies — Unlike the other talks, this is a slide deck only for now.
Jeremy Daly

Using External Data in Lambda@Edge — Lambda@Edge takes Lambda to the edge with CloudFront and while it’s often used in a stateless fashion, it’s possible to use external data within your functions.

Achraf Souk (AWS)

How to Create a Serverless GraphQL API for MySQL, Postgres and Aurora — A tutorial for Serverless Framework.

Gareth McCumskey

Is Serverless Just a New Word for Cloud-Based? — There is some confusion about what it really means and how it really works.

Percona sponsor

▶  Experimenting with Chaos Engineering in Serverless Applications — A 15 minute video that introduces the basic concepts of chaos engineering (something worth being aware of if building typical serverless apps) and using Thundra to observe your serverless functions.

Marcia Villalba

Customizing Amazon Cognito Verification Emails using AWS Lambda