#115 — August 23, 2019

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Azure Functions Python Support Now Generally Available — It’s been in preview for a while, but Python support on Azure’s serverless platform is now official and now supports Python 3.6. This should be a particularly big deal to anyone wanting to do serverless data science on Azure.

Daria Grigoriu (Microsoft)

Google Cloud Run Button: 'Click-to-Deploy' for your Git ReposCloud Run is a Google Cloud service for running stateless containers and Cloud Run Button, unveiled this week, provides a way to let users of your code quickly deploy your app to GCP from the repo. This may remind you of Heroku’s long standing ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button.

Google Cloud Blog

Power Your Website with WebOps — WebOps is the future of web hosting and website operations. Pantheon’s WebOps Platform give you and your web team superpowers. Try for free today.

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The Dark Side of AWS Lambda — A look at a default ‘feature’ of AWS Lambda that can ruin your entire deployment pipeline. Here’s one company’s solution. Spoiler: it involves Lambda’s 75GB code limit.

Adam Link

Going 'Serverless' on Google Cloud Platform — A roundup of what GCP offers when it comes to no-ops services from the Firebase backend to Cloud Functions, App Engine, Cloud Run, and Compute Engine.

Tyler Treat

SQS and Lambda: The Missing Guide to Failure Modes — Using Amazon’s queue service with Lambda isn’t always a smooth experience. Here’s a look at some common failure modes and how to deal with them.

Yan Cui

Easily Deploy a Serverless CDN with Serverless Components — In just ‘2 lines of YAML’, you could spin up an S3, CloudFront, Route53 and ACM powered ‘CDN’ of your own.

Eslam Hefnawy

How to Create a Python-Powered HTTP Endpoint on AWS with Serverless Framework — A start to finish, step-by-step tutorial.

Matt Solomon

Kinvey Is a Leader in 2019 Gartner MQ for Multiexperience Development Platforms — Progress is one of 13 vendors evaluated in this new report. Get your free copy.

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Serverless Email Notifications with Google Cloud Functions and ClojureScript


Bringing Serverless to a Page Near You with Hugo and Kubernetes — Discover how to migrate a Hugo-powered static site over to OpenFaaS complete with custom domains, TLS, and CI/CD.


A Few Questions with Yan Cui — Yan (a.k.a. theburningmonk) is very well known in the serverless space and has answered a few questions on what serverless is and the current pros and cons.

Think Serverless

Keith's Layers: AWS Lambda Layers for Python — A collection of AWS Lambda Layers for Python 3.6 and 3.7.

Keith Rozario