#105 — June 14, 2019

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“Serverless is like CrossFit: The first rule is to never stop talking about it.”

Burke Holland and Eduardo Laureano

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▶  Five Things You Can Do with Serverless — Eduardo Laureano from the Azure Functions team joins Burke Holland to run through five things you can do with serverless “that you might not realize are even possible”.

Channel 9

Qubole Launches Quantum, a Serverless Database Engine — Data platform Qubole has launched its first serverless offering, a high-performance SQL engine which can query data sitting in AWS, where you only pay on for the execution time of each query made.

Frederic Lardinois (TechCrunch)

Make Kubernetes Applications Portable for Any Cloud — Introducing Gravity 6.0, an open source K8s packaging solution for saving an entire Kubernetes cluster into a single image. Run it anywhere.

Gravitational sponsor

▶  Porting Your Node.js Web App to Serverless in 30 Minutes — A live-coding session that guides you through the process of migrating an existing Express-based Node.js application to AWS Lambda.

Alex Casalboni

AWS Lambda Timeout Best Practices — Rajesh Bhojwani looks at common AWS Lambda timeout and monitoring errors, and how to apply best practices to handle these issues effectively.


Creating Asynchronous Serverless APIs with AWS AppSync — How the Norcloud team leveraged GraphQL and AWS AppSync to create an async API for complex database queries.

Kuba Holak

Using Airtable as a Content Backend — This article describes how you can use Airtable (a spreadsheet-esque service) and Netlify Functions (an AWS Lambda-powered serverless functions system) as a datastore for a serverless Vue.js application.

Gui Talarico

Real-Time UI Updates in Serverless Web Apps — Upgrade your web app's notification system from polling to a fully-managed event-driven solution.

Microsoft Azure sponsor

Don’t Be Surprised by Your Serverless Bill — A look at some common potential surprises in your serverless bill and how you can mitigate them.

Yan Cui

Deduplicating Amazon SQS Messages — What do you do if you want to ensure you process a message exactly only once when you have multiple Lambda consumers?

Ross Rhodes

Easily Deploy a Serverless Node App with ZEIT Now — We've covered new features on ZEIT's Now serverless platform a few times, but here's an entry level tutorial on using it.

William Imoh