#106 — June 21, 2019

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Serverless is a Doctrine, Not a Technology — Thinking about ‘serverless’ as a technology opens up all sorts of problems, from figuring out if cloud services like SQS are truly ‘serverless’ to jokes about there still actually being servers behind the scenes. It’s time to think of ‘serverless’ as a set of principles.. a doctrine, if you will.

Paul Johnston

▶  Serverless Chats: A New Serverless Podcast — Billing itself as a podcast that ‘geeks out on everything serverless’, each week Jeremy Daly will chat with someone working in the serverless space. The first episode is with Alex DeBrie of Serverless, Inc.

Jeremy Daly podcast

Amazon Aurora Serverless – The Sleeping Beauty — One of the most exciting features Amazon Aurora Serverless brings to the table is its ability to go to sleep (pause) when idle.

Percona sponsor

10 Serverless Security Best Practices — Covers a variety of areas from managing secrets and data security to function isolation, privileges, and more.

Liran Tal, Guy Podjarny

▶  Scared Serverless: What We Learned After Quitting Servers for a Year — What happened when a company focused on building MVPs for clients decided to go as serverless as possible for a year? Here’s how they approached it and what they learnt.

James Beswick

Going from a Monolith to Serverless — A case study of how a high traffic, monolithic application got boiled down and reimplemented with a serverless architecture which resulted in improved scalability and 91% cost savings.

Simon Rondelez

Build Your Own Real-Time Voice Translator with AWS — Yes, there are such a ridiculous number of AWS services now that there’s an entire periodic table of them but one bonus is it’s so easy to stitch them together to create interesting projects like this.

Amazon Web Services

Secure Kubernetes Networking with Free OSS Project — Wormhole is a new networking plugin for Kubernetes built to encrypt internal cluster communications transparently.

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Analyzing the Performance and Cost of Large-Scale Data Processing with AWS Lambda — A serverless approach isn’t applicable for every data analytics use case but the low TCO and flexibility of AWS Lambda has a lot going for it.

Amazon Web Services

Auto-Generating Content Tags using Amazon SageMaker — Multi-label text classification is a common NLP task. Maybe we should be trying this on our newsletter items to get them auto-tagged! :-)

Yi Ai

Handling Netlify Form Submissions with Go-Powered Lambda Functions — Netlify makes it easy to handle form submissions with AWS Lambda and you don’t even need an AWS account.

Camilo Payan


► Podcast

A discussion on "detecting serverless smells". What are the warning signs you can look for to develop an intuition about architectural or development choices that are not going to work well long-term?

The Think FaaS Podcast