#104 — June 7, 2019

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Just Write Code: Improving the Cloudflare Workers Developer ExperienceWorkers, Cloudflare’s globally distributed serverless platform, gets a CLI developer tool, the ability to run apps on workers.dev without using your own domain, new docs, and a free tier to make it easier to try it out.

Rita Kozlov (Cloudflare)

Sequence Numbering in Serverless via API Gateway — A quick writeup of how LEGO approached the idea of serverlessly generating sequence numbers, a job that might traditionally be contained with the RDBMS of choice.

Sheen Brisals (LEGO)

How to Set Up an SSH + Kubernetes Bastion for AWS EKS — This new release of Teleport brings support for EKS. Now Teleport can act as a single authentication gateway for Kubernetes clusters running on EKS.

Gravitational sponsor

Introducing LambdaGuard: A Security Scanner for AWS Lambda — A tool for visualizing and auditing the security of your serverless assets, and it’s open source too.

Skyscanner Engineering

Why Tim Bray Thinks AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) is Nearly Perfect — A love letter of sorts to SQS which is simple, scalable, and just gets the job done (and forms a core part of many serverless systems, including Amazon’s own). This post provoked an extensive Hacker News discussion.

Tim Bray

The Most Minimal Serverless Function — The absolute minimum you need to create an Azure Function. (Though this is now very tempting to 'code golf'.. if you get it much smaller, write it up and we’ll link it 😂)

Ryan Levick

Using the MailChimp API with Netlify Serverless Functions — A look at Netlify serverless functions to work with the MailChimp API.

Raymond Camden

Tracking User Behavior with AWS Amplify and Sending Reminders — Track which features your users use in AWS Amplify and send them emails, push-notifications and SMS based on their behavior.

Jan Hesters

CI/CD, AWS, and Serverless: 5 Tips I Learned The Hard Way

Forrest Brazeal

Fission 1.3: Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes — A framework for Kubernetes-native serverless functions. Write short-lived functions in any language, map them to HTTP requests (or other event triggers), and deploy them instantly.