#103 — May 31, 2019

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AWS Unveils a 'Data API' for Amazon Aurora Serverless — Rather than make a traditional (and often costly) database connection from a serverless function, Data API (which is only on the MySQL variant of Aurora Serverless for now) lets you make queries quickly over HTTP and returns results in JSON.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Distributed Tracing for Observability — Observability is a hot topic, but not a lot of people know what it truly means. Everyone reads about monitoring vs. observability these days, and I have had the chance to experience what I think is the main concept behind this movement.

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Simplifying Event-Driven Architectures with Azure Event GridEvent Grid is a managed event routing service that runs on Azure and lets you connect together serverless elements in various ways. Some updates have been announced this week that expand its usefulness in the world of IoT as well as Event Domains, a way to manage large groups of Event Grid ‘topics’ on an app by app basis.

Bahram Banisadr (Microsoft)

An Intro to the Power of Serverless with AWS Amplify — AWS Amplify provisions and manages backend resources for mobile apps but is increasingly being used to more generic ends. This tutorial covers creating a Web site visitor counter with it.

Jared Short


Ordered Queue Processing in Azure Functions with Sessions — A practical look at how sessions can guarantee the processing of messages/events in preserved order with Azure Functions even at high scale.

Jeff Hollan (Microsoft)

AWS Lambda Layers: A Guide to Getting Started — AWS Lambda introduced Layers several months ago as a way to share common libraries and artefacts between functions. Here are the basics of how they work.

Ran Ribenzaft

Building a ‘Serverless’ Chrome Extension — Well, an extension that calls out to a serverless function, at least.

Bilal Tahir

Lessons Learned From Sending Millions of Serverless Webhooks — Using a serverless architecture to send Dwolla’s webhooks faster and at lower cost.

Rocky Warren

A Serverless Component to Transcribe Audio Stored in an S3 Bucket — A template and function for turning an S3 bucket of audio into an S3 bucket of transcriptions via AWS Lambda and Amazon Transcribe.

Alexander Simovic code

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