#102 — May 24, 2019

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Building a Radio Streaming Alexa Skill with the Alexa Skills Kit — Streaming audio is one of the biggest use cases for something like the Amazon Echo, but we rarely see tutorials on doing it for ourselves. This, then, is very welcome.

Yi Ai

Cloudflare Unveils Workers KV, A Highly Distributed Key/Value Store for Serverless Use Cases — Cloudflare has built a distributed, eventually consistent key-value store aimed at users of its Workers serverless platform.

Ashcon Partovi (Cloudflare)

The Leading Open Source Serverless Solutions for Kubernetes — The universe of serverless-wielding software architects and Kubernetes cluster operators has started to collide. In this article, we'll wander down the CNCF's Serverless Landscape to uncover who is the bee's knees of open source lambda competitors.

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SCAR: 1-Click Static Site Deployment on AWS — A simple tool that creates the right CloudFormation templates to roll out a static site on AWS complete with custom domain, DNS, SSL and CDN in one go.

Kelvin Jiang

Azure Functions’ Forthcoming Durable Entities — The original creator of Azure Functions’ Durable Functions writes about what’s coming next in the shape of Durable Entities which will bring more actor-like capabilities to the table.

Chris Gillum

“If you can’t build good microservices you shouldn’t be doing serverless.”

Matt Fellows, co-founder of Pactflow.

“It took us 4.5 years, but we finally hit the AWS Lambda code storage limit (75 GB) in one account/region..”

Eric Hammond on Twitter. 75GB might sound incredible, but could stack up if you heavily use CI and keep old versions of functions around – be sure to check your own usage levels.

📝 Tutorials

Building Serverless Ruby Functions with AWS Lambda and the Jets Framework — You don’t need a framework like Jets to deploy Ruby functions on AWS Lambda, but it can make life easier, as you’ll see here.

Phil Nash (Twilio)

How to Create a Serverless Image Recognition Twitter Bot — A fun little project that uses the Serverless Framework and a few AWS services (including Lambda and Rekognition).

Maciek Grzybek

Test Drive First Class CI/CD Pipelines — Use our new test drive to quickly see how GoCD helps solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more.

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Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Cost Tracking for Serverless Applications — This is essentially an AWS-sanctioned ad for Epsagon, but is an area you might be interested in nonetheless.

Trevor Hansen and Nitzan Shapira

How To Notify Clients of Cosmos DB Changes with Azure SignalR and Azure Functions

Jason Roberts

🛠 Code and Tools

Serverless Nested Comment Threads built on AWS Lambda

CodeRecipe Inc.

A Terraform Module to Create AWS Lambda Ressources

Spring Media

cloudflare-worker-webpack-boilerplate: A Simple Template for Building and Deploying Cloudflare Workers with Webpack

Dave Willenberg

AWS Auto Remediate: Functions to Remedy Common Security Issues via AWS Config