#61 — July 20, 2018

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The 2018 Serverless Community Survey Results — A little while back we linked to Serverless Inc’s community survey and the results are now in. Serverless technologies are, perhaps unsurprisingly, increasingly being used in mission critical situations, and debugging seems to be the biggest technical challenge for developers so far.

Serverless Inc.

Serverless QBasic: Yes, It's Happened — Hello, it’s a fun, geeky item! QBasic was a BASIC development environment that first shipped with MS-DOS 5 (trivia: my first ‘newsletter’ was a QBasic fanzine on Usenet) but someone has rigged up a way to run QBasic programs in the cloud, serverlessly(!)

Philippe Suter

Free Video Course: Upgrade Cordova Apps to NativeScript — Avoid poor app performance and unnatural UX. Free and open source cross-platform mobile framework.

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PureSec Exits Beta to Secure Serverless Code — PureSec is an Israeli startup aiming to make serverless computing more secure through a tool that analyzes your serverless code for vulnerabilities. It’s raised $3m in seed funding.


Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with WebSockets on AWS — AWS AppSync provides the ability to create realtime serverless apps on AWS.

Andrew Griffiths

Using Kotlin in a Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda — A four-part (and counting) series that walks you through the process of setting up your environment and building a serverless Kotlin app in intricate detail.

Juan Urrego

Building a Custom, Serverless WordPress Dashboard — A developer explains how he’s using WordPress API, Azure, React, and MongoDB Atlas to create a custom WordPress dashboard for an enterprise client with specific requirements.

Ahmad Awais

Webinar: Actionable CD Metrics. Use Metrics to Improve Your CD Process

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Using scikit-learn on AWS Lambda for Serverless Data Sciencescikit-learn is a popular toolkit for machine learning in Python.

Ben Weber

Building a Serverless Contact Form with AWS Lambda and AWS SES — Covers the basics of both the front-end form, with vanilla JavaScript, and the serverless back end, hosted on AWS Lambda.

Adnan Rahić

15 Key Takeaways from the Serverless Talk at AWS Startup Day

Jeremy Daly

Thoughts on Functional Reactive Serverless Architecture“(With serverless) we’ve gained a way to structure our application, but lost our code structure. We might be able to regain some of it by factoring out infrastructure libraries, but then we’re tied to one language again. We’ve lost value.”

Samir Talwar

For this week's Think Faas podcast Jared Short continues exploring serverless best practices, with a particular focus on operations and operating serverless systems.

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