#60 — July 13, 2018

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Taking Some First Steps with Serverless

▶  Taking Some First Steps with Serverless — In 20 minutes, CSS Tricks’ Chris Coyier and Netlify’s David Wells take some baby steps into building things with cloud functions and look at Auth0’s webtask, code.xyz, and Netlify’s own Lambda-based support.

Chris Coyier

Have You Shipped Anything Serious with a Serverless Architecture? — A Hacker News discussion which attracted a lot of replies, from people running millions of function calls a month to people with failed experiments. Someone from London’s public transit system even explained their experiences with using Azure Functions.

Hacker News

Lambdas as Lambdas: using Pulumi with AWS SQS and Lambda — In this post, we explore how to use Pulumi for pure code-based serverless programming using AWS Lambda and AWS SQS as an event source. We also talk about the engineering work to implement this capability. And, yes, Slack is involved in the example.

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AWS Lambda .NET Core 2.1 Support Released — A big update for .NET-based developers with improved support and tooling.

Amazon Web Services

Serverless: It’s Much Much More Than FaaS“Serverless is much more than just FaaS. It always will be.” An interesting argument is laid out in this post.

Paul Johnston

Using SQS with AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework — Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important configuration options.

Alex DeBrie (Serverless)

Creating Simple REST-Style CRUD APIs with Azure Functions' C# Bindings — What’s involved in quickly creating a REST-style CRUD API serverlessly with C#.

Mark Heath

My (Rough) Start with Azure Functions — Raymond Camden tells the tale of his first time using Azure’s serverless platform.

Raymond Camden

Async HTTP APIs with Azure Durable Functions (and Polling Client)

Paco de la Cruz

Serverless Computing Could Unleash A New Startup Ecosystem — One of those high level, mainstream media pieces that help us feel a bit better about our technology choices.. hopefully :-D

Ron Miller

Monitoring Tools for Serverless Environments and AWS Lambda

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AWS Serverless Express: Run Express-Based Node.js Apps Serverlessly — Run serverless apps and REST APIs using your existing app framework, on top of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

Amazon Web Services

faas-idler: Scale OpenFaaS Functions to Zero Replicas After A Period of Inactivity

Alex Ellis

In this week's Think Faas podcast Forrest Brazeal continues to explore serverless best practices, by answering listeners questions about testing serverless applications and breaks down some ways to streamline your test workflow in the cloud.

The Think FaaS Podcast