#​293 — September 28, 2023

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Signing off, Chris Brandrick

Workers AI: Serverless GPU-Powered Inference on Cloudflare’s Global Network — This is a new ‘AI inference as a service’ platform. It’s designed to let devs run AI models with just a few lines of code, running on Cloudflare’s global GPU network.

Wittig, Kozlov, Weekly, Martinho (Cloudflare)

New Workers Pricing: Never Pay to Wait on I/O Again — It’s a big week for Cloudflare, and any Workers users will be particularly impressed with this news: their two pricing models (Bundled and Unbound) are being boiled down to one that shares the benefits of both, and it’s more generous too.

Kozlov and Irvine-Broque (Cloudflare)

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✉️ Off By None — This is the alternative serverless newsletter we recommend. It's by Jeremy Daly, CEO at Ampt, it's weekly too, and it's just celebrated its fifth birthday. Somehow, we have mostly managed to cover unique stories between us over the years but Jeremy does a great job of summarizing the latest in the serverless world with his newsletter.

🎙️ Real-World Serverless — A regular podcast hosted by Yan Cui discussing how serverless tech is used in the real-world, best practices, and tooling.

🔗 Awesome Serverless — A curated list of various services, solutions and resources for serverless apps.

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