#​292 — September 14, 2023

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✍️ After six years of bringing the latest serverless updates to your inbox, we're in the process of winding things down. We'll still be with you for a few more issues and we'll be sure to share some excellent alternatives with you (such as Jeremy Daly's Off by None) before we say goodbye. A huge thanks for reading along with us over the years.
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Serverless Bun vs Node: Benchmarking on AWS Lambda — Following the recent release of Bun 1.0, an alternative server-side JavaScript runtime built atop JavaScriptCore, Mitchell ran some tests to determine if the performance-oriented runtime is a legitimate contender for serverless environments like AWS Lambda.

Mitchell Kossoris

➡️ RelatedHere's a step-by-step guide on how to use Bun on AWS Lambda.

Static IP for Lambda: Ingress, Egress and Bypassing the Dreaded NAT Gateway — If you’re building serverless apps and struggling with ‘archaic’ static IP requirements, Yan has some advice for you: "Despite the additional moving part and the associated costs, Global Accelerator is the easiest way to create static IPs for ingress traffic for Lambda."

Yan Cui

Plug & Play Database Acceleration — Database scaling for serverless environments can get complex and expensive. PolyScale.ai is a high performance Data Delivery Network that accelerates queries, lowers latency and enables access from serverless platforms.

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How We Implemented Serverless Full-Text Search in Rust — How engineers at Grafbase implemented serverless full-text search in Rust with AWS Lambda, EFS, DynamoDB and Cloudflare Workers.

Benjamin Rabier and Marc Mettke

Introducing Fermyon Serverless AI — If you work in both serverless and the emerging AI space, this may be of interest. It’s a new set of features built into Fermyon’s cloud offering, promising “game changing compute on LLMs with 51ms start times”.

Radu Matei


▶  How to Run Any Web App on Lambda — An hour-long discussion (featuring Julian Wood and Harold Sun) touching upon how you can run familiar frameworks such as Express.js, Next.js, Laravel, etc directly on AWS Lambda, thanks to the Lambda Web Adapter.

Serverless Land

D1 Manager: A Web UI and API for Cloudflare's D1 Database — This third party creation boasts a user-friendly interface for managing tables, records, etc, in Cloudflare D1, the serverless SQL database.


Load Testing Serverless Application with k6 — Highlights how k6 is “an amazing tool” for load testing to ensure that your serverless app scales.


How Vercel Shipped Cron Jobs in 2 Months Using Amazon EventBridge Scheduler — A lot of serverless is matryoshka dolls or standing on the shoulders of giants, depending on how you look at it.
Marcia Villalba

Why You Should Consider Rust for Your Lambdas — It's fast, it's compiled, and it's (memory) safe.
Luciano Mammino

Nine Ways to Lose Data Using Serverless Without Even Knowing It — Lots of spinning plates to keep an eye on..

Protomaps: A Serverless System for Planet-Scale Maps
Protomaps LLC

Serverless is 'Still Not Designed for Data'
Ciro Greco and Jacopo Tagliabue opinion