#​274 — December 16, 2022

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The Best of Serverless Status in 2022

Hey! 👋 Today's issue marks the final newsletter of 2022 — so we're going to take the time to revisit some of the most popular links we've shared with you this past year. No doubt you'll find something interesting that you've missed, or want to reflect on again.

We will be back in the new year with more. Thanks so much for reading and have a fantastic holiday season if you are celebrating.
Chris Brandrick and the Cooperpress team

1: A Year with Serverless at the BBC — This article exploring how the UK's national broadcaster (home to the world's largest news service) is using, and seeing the benefits of, serverless was by far the most popular shared in the newsletter this year. Some thoughtful reflection on the use of serverless tech in a big organization.

Johnathan Ishmael (BBC)

2: Eight Best Practices for Optimizing Lambda Functions — Tomasz's advice from April proved useful — some good tips here, on tweaking memory settings, setting good timeouts, or cutting down on costs.

Tomasz Łakomy

React Authentication, Simplified — In this article, we lay out a new approach to authentication (plus access control & SSO) in React applications.

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3: How We Sped Up Our TypeScript Serverless Builds Ten Times — Everyone likes some significant time saves! This tutorial explains how what previously took ten minutes (using serverless-webpack to bundle 70 TypeScript lambdas) now takes just one.

Arseny Yankovski

4: When, and When Not, to Use a Lambda Function — The author claimed that Lambda is not as essential as it once was. So when should we use it? Jérôme presented five use cases for us.

Jérôme Van Der Linden

5: Finding the Fastest Runtime for AWS Lambda Functions — Plenty of you tapped through to read this performance comparison of Lambda functions — written in Java, Node, Python, .Net, and Go (with plenty of charts to visualise the differences).

Emin Bilgic