#​273 — December 9, 2022

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Step Functions Distributed Map – AWS's Newest Serverless Solution for Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing — AWS Step Functions has added a distributed map state to allow running the same processing steps for multiple entries in a dataset in parallel. The existing map state supports up to 40 parallel iterations but this new distributed variety supports up to 10,000 executions in parallel and has a lot more flexibility if you have 100,000s of documents on S3 to process in parallel, say.

Sébastien Stormacq (AWS)

💡 Looking for an example? Here's a SAM demo app showing it in action.

Neon's Serverless Postgres Platform Now Live to All — Invite-gate be gone! Neon is an interesting new entrant (first unveiled back in June) to the world of Postgres platforms with a split storage and compute approach that allows them to offer elasticity of scale and a serverless style experience. As with the MySQL-oriented PlanetScale, branching is also a headline feature. One to keep an eye on. → See also a new serverless PostgreSQL driver for connecting to Neon databases from Cloudflare Workers and other environments supporting WebSockets.


▶  AWS re:Invent 2022 — Keynote with Dr. Werner VogelsSettle in — In this two-hour long talk Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon.com VP and CTO, talks about the benefits of building asynchronous, loosely coupled systems and how event-driven architecture enables global scale. (..and it starts with a Matrix-inspired bit)


Free Trial of Teleport Access Platform — Get started with simple, secure access to SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases, Windows desktops, and private web applications, in any environment.

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The Hidden Costs of Serverless Observability — Observability is critical to running reliable, high performing serverless applications but it can come with hidden costs.

Steven Coochin

'I Don't Know What Serverless Is Anymore' — “I used to have a firm grasp on what serverless was, but that seems to have been shaken up recently”. The serverless identity crisis continues.

Allen Helton

Top 12 Serverless Announcements from re:Invent 2022 — Some relevant announcements include Lambda functions now having the option of a Node 18.x runtime and the release of EventBridge Pipes.

Maciej Radzikowski

A Variety of re:Invent 2022 Serverless Takeaways — As above, following all the announcements from re:Invent last week, Ran goes over what they found exciting from a Serverless perspective. Here's another round-up from Greg Bulmash at Lumigo.

Ran Isenberg


Azure Functions: Really Serverless, or Just Server-Some? — Microsoft offers several ways to host Azure Functions, but only a few of those offerings are fully ‘serverless’, with many being what Amy describes as ‘server-some’.

Amy Coughlin

A Practical Guide to Testing AWS Step Functions — Yan outlines a strategy to build production-ready serverless apps on AWS.

Yan Cui

▶  How to Design a Serverless App — A ten-minute look at designing an app architecture from start to finish on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Tech

Implement Serverless FIFO Queues with Filtering Capabilities using Amazon DynamoDB Transactions
Penmetsa and DeFauw (AWS)

Nine Surprises using AWS EventBridge Scheduler
Frédéric Barthelet

Securing Lambda Function URLs using Amazon Cognito, Amazon CloudFront & AWS WAF
Singh and Jay (AWS)