#​201 — May 21, 2021

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Multiplayer DOOM on Cloudflare Workers — Last month we covered how a Fastly engineer got DOOM running on Fastly’s edge platform but Cloudflare has gone a step further with a fully working multiplayer port running on Workers using WebSockets and Durable Objects. It’s all open source too!

Celso Martinho

AWS Step Functions Now Integrates with EventBridge — Step Functions brings the serverless workflow and EventBridge lets you route events between AWS services, and now you can publish events to an EventBridge bus directly from a Step Functions workflow. Unfortunately we just missed this as it came out as we sent the last issue :-)

Stephen Liedig (AWS)

A Global Serverless Database for All Your Applications — Fauna is the “Data API” for modern applications. Whether you’re building new microservices or augmenting existing services applications, Fauna lets you simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster. Learn more...

Fauna sponsor

Announcing the Alpha Release of sls-test-tools — Last year we interviewed Ben and featured sls-dev-tools a few times, but here’s the next thing from his team: sls-test-tools — a range of utilities, setup, teardown and assertions to make it easier to write integration tests for serverless systems on AWS.

Ben Ellerby

AWS App Runner: A New Way to Deploy Code on AWS — I’m always curious when it’s not Jeff Barr announcing a new AWS service, but nonetheless this is yet another way to deploy container based apps to AWS in a vaguely Google Cloud Run or modern Heroku-esque fashion. It can detect pushes and redeploy your apps automatically, if you want, too.

Martin Beeby (AWS)

▶  How Serverless is Becoming More Extensible with Julian Wood — Not one to rest on his laurels of 100 episodes, Jeremy Daly continues by chatting to AWS’s Julian Wood about Lambda’s new(ish) container image support, Lambda Extensions, and related AWS programs.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Scheduling Google Cloud SQL Instances to Start and Stop to Reduce Costs — This is certainly the serverless PAYG model dream..

Jonathan Simon (Google)

▶  Building Serverless Workflows in PipedreamPipedream is a service for building complex workflows easily by stitching together different steps into a process that can be run by HTTP, schedule, and more.

Raymond Camden

Create a Serverless Pipeline to Translate Large Documents with Amazon Translate — Large documents can take a long time to translate, even with a service like Amazon Translate. This tutorial, then, looks at how to manage a longer running workflow using Step Functions.

Rao, Couhbor, Botis and Kasprzak (AWS)

Asynchronous APIs with DynamoDB Streams — AWS’s API Gateway can add data directly to a DynamoDB table and this can then be picked up by a Lambda function using DynamoDB streams. But why? It can be a lot faster for the client than calling the Lambda directly.

Vikas Solegaonkar

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