#​199 — May 7, 2021

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AWS Introduces 'CloudFront Functions'CloudFront Functions is a new lightweight serverless edge compute service from AWS attached to CloudFront's 200+ edge locations around the world. Like Cloudflare Workers, it's aimed specifically at the low latency request/content manipulation space.

But, I hear you say, where does the already existing Lambda@Edge fit in to this? Lambda@Edge isn't as directly integrated with CloudFront as Functions and is better suited for more computationally intensive or longer running code in response to CloudFront events. Server side rendering and image optimization are listed as ideal use cases for Edge as opposed to Functions which is targeted at low latency operations like header manipulation, redirects, and rewriting of requests.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Serverless Security-As-Code Tutorial — Learn how to find, fix, and prevent AWS misconfigs before deployment with Bridgecrew’s all-in-one codified security solution.

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The Best Supported Serverless Languages — A tally of the supported languages on several serverless platforms. While some platforms now allow arbitrary languages or even Docker images, it’s nice to see which platforms boast native support.

Dylan Anthony

📅  Google Cloud's 'Power of Serverless' Event Next Week — Next Thursday (May 13) you can join several Google Cloud speakers talking about things like running internal apps on serverless platforms, real-time data processing, and keeping costs down. There’s a Q&A session after as well.

Google Cloud

Using Grafana to Troubleshoot a Serverless Application — Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (AMG) is a fully managed Grafana service for visualizing and analyzing operational data and by integrating it with CloudWatch you can use it to dig into your serverless function metrics and logs too.

Mark Richman (AWS)

'Please Fix The AWS Free Tier Before Somebody Gets Hurt' — There really does need to be more protection against running up a large unexpected bill.

Forrest Brazeal

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