#173 — October 23, 2020

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💬 We try to be balanced and cover as many serverless platforms as possible, but this week a deluge of new AWS features and tutorials overwhelmed us! If you're more of a Azure Functions, OpenFaaS, Cloudflare Workers, and so on, user and have something for us though, reply and let us know :-)
Peter Cooper, editor

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Amazon SNS FIFO: First-In-First-Out Pub/Sub Messaging — SNS is an ideal service to use if you need pub/sub message delivery on AWS but there’s never been any guarantee that messages will turn up in the order they’re sent. Now, however, you can use SNS FIFO topics to maintain consistency in message sequence and without pesky duplicates.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

You Can Now Use AWS PrivateLink to Access AWS Lambda PrivatelyAWS PrivateLink is a way to connect VPCs or on-prem data centers to AWS without using the public Internet and you can now invoke Lambda functions over it too. The big win here is being able to invoke Lambdas from private subnets without a NAT gateway though it’s worth keeping the potential costs in mind.

Harunobu Kameda (AWS)

How a 138-Year-Old Shipping Company Ships with Serverless — After completing a major migration to AWS in 2015, Matson, Inc. spent the next year setting a course for serverless. Learn how their team used CodePipeline, CodeBuild, Serverless Framework and New Relic to ride the wave of serverless.

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An example of HTTP basic authentication in action

'Basic Authentication' with Lambda@Edge — And when it says ‘basic authentication’ it literally means HTTP-level basic authentication – the now rather old-school way of securing access to systems through a native browser password modal and Authorization header. But does it work? Yes.

Sebastian Petterson

Amazon's 'In Case You Missed It' Serverless Q3 2020 — Each quarter, AWS does a post running through all of the various AWS serverless announcements just in case you missed any. Nothing surprising here, but you. might like it as a quick catchup.

James Beswick (AWS)

Anyscale Raises $40M for Its Distributed Serverless Compute API — Interesting because this technology is aimed not at typical developers but companies in areas like financial services or medical research who want to widely distribute compute tasks.


AWS Step Functions Now Supports Amazon Athena Service Integration
Amazon Web Services, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide to AWS Step Functions — “Ultimate” is always a hard word to defend in a title, but this is still a pretty good introduction to AWS’s often misunderstood ‘state machines/workflows as a service’ system.

Mariliis Retter

[Free Download] Bitmovin's Video Developer Report 2020 Is Finally Here — A handy lens into the minds of video developers as it reveals the market’s biggest challenges and the future of video.

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Determine Prominent Colors in a Picture: Your First AWS Lambda in Go — A very thorough tutorial bringing together two ideas - working with graphics and using Go in a serverless context.

Luciano Mammino

Build a Serverless Twitter Dashboard using DynamoDB, API Gateway and Highcharts — An example of working directly between API Gateway and DynamoDB without a Lambda function sat in between.

Victor Grenu

Java Developers, It’s Time To Give AWS Lambda a Try — Java was never an obvious match for serverless technology in the early days but now it provides a totally viable way to build serverless functions and you should be getting involved, says the author.

Brian McCann

Some Best Practices for Logging in AWS Lambda