#172 — October 16, 2020

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An Introduction to Temporal: Open Source Workflows as Code — Azure’s Durable Functions extends Azure Functions and takes care of things like state management and checkpointing on the back-end, but what if you wanted something similar not locked to Azure? Temporal is an open source tool that takes first class support of workflows wherever you are.

Mikhail Shilkov

How Stream Monkey Serverlessly Migrated 1.58 Billion Elasticsearch Documents — Stream Monkey has 2.1TB of data stored in Elasticsearch and uses it as part of its real-time stats dashboard. They needed to make a big Elasticsearch upgrade (which included updating the underlying schema) and came up with a serverless solution to the problem.

Nicholas Ionata

Bitmovin's Video Developer Report 2020/21 Is Finally Here — 792 participants from over 80 different countries around the world reveal their preferred video streaming solutions. Some of this year's key findings were highly impacted by the COVID-19 virus, and thus additional relevant questions were posed.

Bitmovin Inc. sponsor

AWS Lambda Extensions: What Are They and Why Do They MatterLast week we featured the release of AWS Lambda Extensions, a new mechanism for integrating other services (such as monitoring or security tools) with Lambda functions, and here one of the companies using Extensions from day one goes into more depth on what they’re for and where the benefit is.

Yan Cui (Lumigo)

Building Resilient Serverless Patterns by Combining AWS Messaging Services — Queues, publish/subscribe services, and event buses are important parts of a resilient, well-architected serverless application. These are provided in AWS by SQS, SNS, and EventBridge.

James Beswick

Taking a Service from Fargate to Lambda — They ended up reducing their costs by 99%, but admittedly the original service wasn’t suited to Fargate at all in terms of scale. Are there lots of companies running services inappropriately who would save big by going serverless? For sure.

Yasser Muwakki

▶  Running Distributed Code with Lambda@Edge — A 30 minute screencast walking through the point of Lambda@Edge (think the benefits of serverless functions but in front of the CloudFront CDN) and how to use it.

Leonardo Freitas dos Santos

Learn How a 138-Year-Old Shipping Company Ships with Serverless — After completing a major migration to AWS in 2015, Matson, Inc. spent the next year setting a course for serverless.

New Relic sponsor

Serverless Horror Stories — A summary of some “real-life horror stories”, illustrating potential problems with serverless in production — and how to avoid them. I guess it is nearly the end of October after all..

Emrah Samdan

▶  Discussing a Typical Serverless Architecture — Jeremy Daly chats with Xavier Lefevre (of Theodo) about what a ‘typical’ serverless architecture looks like on AWS and how to use his serverless cost calculator.

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