#96 — April 12, 2019

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Google Unveils Cloud Run, Their Newest Serverless Stack — Announced at this week’s Google Cloud Next event, ‘Cloud Run’ is Google’s new serverless compute platform for running stateless HTTP-driven containers (as opposed to Cloud Functions’ purely function-based approach). It can also run within GKE on existing GKE clusters.

Google Cloud

Introducing Fenrir: How Coinbase is Scaling Serverless AppsFenrir is a new, open source AWS SAM deployer that Coinbase are already using to deploy and scale their serverless apps.

Graham Jenson

Monitor AWS Lambda Usage and Performance — Track function latency and errors—then put it all in context with data from 250+ techs across every layer of your stack. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free.

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How to FaaS Like a Pro: 4 Less Common Ways to Invoke AWS Lambda Functions — The first time you set up a serverless function on AWS Lambda you might wonder why you have to plumb it in using API Gateway just to trigger it over HTTP. The reason is Lambda is so flexible, you can trigger functions in a myriad of ways, not just over HTTP. 8 more ways are to follow in later articles.

Alex Casalboni

▶  Discussing Building Serverless Applications with 'Now' — An hour long podcast with Guillermo Rauch, the founder of ZEIT and the Now serverless platform, about building and deploying serverless apps on Now.

Full Stack Radio podcast

Translating Speech in Real-Time using Azure — How to use speech-to-text and translation services from both the browser and Azure and then serverlessly broadcast real-time captions in multiple languages.

Anthony Chu

Package Kubernetes Apps as Self-Contained Tarballs — Use Helm to package entire K8s clusters into downloadable image files. Deploy to any cloud.

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Best Practices for AWS Lambda Container Reuse — Ideas for optimizing warm starts when connecting AWS Lambda to other services.

Angela Razzell

Does AWS Lambda Give You More Cores If You Request More Memory? — No, you’re stuck with two. But it does seem like you get extra CPU performance with more memory up to a certain point.

Björn Raupach

'i want to learn something'

▶  An Introduction to Monitoring Serverless Apps — A 5 part (but growing) series of videos looking at different serverless monitoring approaches, such as AWS X-Ray, Artillery, and Epsagon.

Marcia Villalba

Simple Serverless with Go(lang) Functions & Microservices — A few examples of using OpenFaaS in various scenarios (from scratch, for an existing Go service, etc.)

Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)

Creating a Google Cloud Function with Node and Express — The very basics (think “Hello world”) of creating a simple Google Cloud Function (essentially Google’s answer to AWS Lambda) using both Node and Express.

Wesley Haigh