#89 — February 22, 2019

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Massively Parallel Web Perf Testing on a Budget — Yes, thanks to serverless, of course :-) This post goes into fantastic detail about a specific use case where thousands of pages need to be tested quickly, why a serverless approach was chosen, and just how quick the end result is.

Stuart Sandine

AWS API Performance Comparison: Serverless vs. Containers vs. API Gateway — Compares the performance of three different architectures running the same HTTP endpoint: using an API Gateway service proxy, containers on AWS Fargate, and serverless with AWS Lambda.

Alex DeBrie

Build & Deploy Serverless Apps on a Global Cloud Network — Learn how to get started writing serverless apps in JavaScript, and reserve a custom subdomain for your next project.

Cloudflare Workers sponsor

The Curious Case of Serverless on Kubernetes — A brief tour of open source serverless platforms (starting with OpenWhisk) that shows how they quickly began to gravitate around Kubernetes.

Abraham Ingersoll

Cloudflare Unveils workers.dev — This isn’t just about Cloudflare getting early access to a snazzy new .dev domain, but Cloudflare are working on a way for you use its Workers edge-located serverless platform without having a Cloudflare domain and you can pre-register now. (Note: They’re sponsoring this issue, see above, but this editorial write-up was produced separately.)

Rita Kozlov

Serverlessly Accepting Payments with Stripe and PubNub Functions — A look at what’s involved in using Stripe’s Charge API from PubNub’s Functions platform to process payments in a realtime chat app.

Chandler Mayo (PubNub)

Build, Package, and Deploy an AWS Lambda using the Ruby Runtime“This post is a complete guide. That means we are going to create an AWS Lambda in the console first and then move onto using AWS SAM on our local machine to package and deploy the Lambda to AWS.”

Blackninja Dojo

Mux Video for Headless CMS — We’ve joined forces with Sanity.io to make it easy to upload and preview videos within their CMS and deliver great video experiences at scale.

Mux sponsor

Build and Deploy Serverless Apps with Next.js 8 and Zeit Now — You can configure the latest version of Next.js (a universal framework for React commonly used to introduce server-side rendering to React apps) to generate lambdas for each page and work serverlessly.

Praveen Durairaj

Cloud Irregular: IAM Is The Real Cloud Lock-In“Forget Lambda and serverless: if you are doing anything at all in AWS besides using it as a fantastically overpriced datacenter, I pretty much guarantee you are deeply locked into IAM.”

Forrest Brazeal

Serverless Framework v1.38 Introduces WebSockets Support — v1.38 might not sound like a particularly interesting version number but the Serverless Framework now includes full WebSockets support now that CloudFormation supports it too.

Serverless Inc.

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Yan Cui joins Trek10’s Forrest Brazeal to share best practices for running serverless apps at production scale.

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