#73 — October 12, 2018

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serverless status

AWS Lambda Ups Function Running Time to 15 Minutes — You can now configure your AWS Lambda functions to run up to 15 minutes per execution - it used to be 5.

Amazon Web Services

Postcards from Lambda at the Edge — James struggled to find much practical documentation for Lambda@Edge, the variant of Lambda that runs alongside CloudFront on edge locations, but shares what he’s learnt about it here.

James Beswick

How to Create Your Own Microservices — The app design model is changing. Microservices in tandem with Serverless is the new way to build and manage products.

PubNub Functions sponsor

▶  On Creating a Standard for Serverless Events — The CloudEvents specification from the CNCF’s serverless working group defines a standard way to describe event data for developers. Learn more in this 30 min podcast interview.

Libby Clark podcast

Manage and Monitor Serverless Apps from the AWS Lambda Console — A new Applications menu lets you perform application level actions such as viewing all resources that together make up your application, and monitoring performance, errors, and traffic metrics.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Using AWS CloudTrail to Enhance Your Serverless App Security

Ory Segal

Faster and Easier Lambda Deployments with Stackery and SAM CLI

Toby Fee (The New Stack)

Common Node 8 Mistakes in Lambda Functions

Yan Cui

Connecting MongoDB Stitch to Google Places — How to connect MongoDB’s serverless platform with Google Places for pulling across community maintained information about physical locations.

Michael Lynn and Julien Contarin

Gremlin Applies Chaos Testing to Serverless

Joab Jackson (The New Stack)

Webinar: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics — Want to deliver faster? Join this webinar. Get a step-to-step guide to improving your CD process with metrics.

GoCD sponsor

My Serverless Adventure — A JavaScript developer shares his initial experiences, pitfalls, best practices, and tips for building serverlessly using AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework.

Mateo Karadza

What Successful Serverless Teams Know — Want the “best team ergonomics for serverless”? The author recommends a foundational focus on configuration, release automation and visibility.

Nate Taggart

A Terraform Provider for OpenFaaS — If you want to work with OpenFaaS hosted functions with Terraform (a popular declarative infrastructure management tool), this will help. Full docs here.

Edward Wilde