#58 — June 29, 2018

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AWS Lambda Adds Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) to Supported Event Sources — This is such a significant addition to AWS Lambda that it deserves two headline posts. This one is the main announcement and a quick example of how it works. Prefer full docs and a tutorial? They’ve got that covered.

Randall Hunt

Serverless Consumers with Lambda and SQS Triggers — So yes, as above, AWS Lambda supports SQS triggers to invoke serverless functions, and you can use this to turn the Simple Queue Service into a true message broker.

Jeremy Daly

eBook: Using Serverless Functions with AWS Lambda — Serverless functions are incredibly useful for configuring the execution of our workload processes. We only pay for the time and computing power that we use. Learn more in our eBook.

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The Right Way™ to Do Serverless in Python — While JavaScript seems to be dominating the serverless language landscape, Python is more than ready to take it on.. but where to start?

Michael Lavers

Serverless Impacts on Business, Process and Culture“As serverless technologies are trialled on discrete projects, they are starting a domino effect that is influencing business in unexpected ways.”

Mark Boyd

Building a Serverless Slack Bot with Cloudflare WorkersWorkers is a serverless/edge-computing platform Cloudflare operates.

Rita Kozlov (Cloudflare)

Microsoft Azure's Durable Functions for Serverless JavaScript — Durable Functions curiously brings workflow and state durability between function executions using Azure storage queues and table storage.

Mary Branscombe (The New Stack)

Want to Speak at Serverless Days Seattle in October? — The CFP closes on August 29.


Build a Native Mobile App Hooked to Your Enterprise Auth in 5 Minutes

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How to Use AWS Lambda to Clean Up Unused EBS Volumes — An interesting use of serverless to do housekeeping on existing resources and reduce infrastructure bills.

Mohamed Labouardy

Why It’s Important to Try and Break Your Serverless App — Learn to run a load test on a serverless app with JMeter and BlazeMeter and analyze results in Epsagon to fix bottlenecks.

Hen Peretz

7 Essential DevOps Tools to Maintain Serverless Operations

Mark Boyd (The New Stack)

In this week's Think Faas podcast Jared Short begins to explore serverless best practices, starting with laying out a serverless project, and what works well in the real world:

The Think FaaS Podcast