#​276 — January 20, 2023

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Introducing Maximum Concurrency of AWS Lambda Functions When Using SQS As An Event Source — AWS Lambda now provides a way to control the maximum number of concurrent functions invoked by SQS as an event source. This post describes how to set such a maximum, and also provides an overview of the scaling behavior of Lambda using this architectural pattern, challenges this feature helps address, and a demo of the feature.

John Lee and Jeetendra Vaidya (AWS)

Does Maximum Concurrency Solve the Lambda+SQS Issue?"The answer is yes, it is a solution! However, You still need to be careful."
Zac Charles

Build Your Dream App with a Free, Serverless SQL Database — CockroachDB’s serverless database helps developers minimize ops headaches and infrastructure costs from the start, and provides peace of mind by scaling effortlessly (up and down) as workloads change. Try CockroachDB today. Free forever.

CockroachDB sponsor

▶  What is Serverless?Ready, Set, Cloud! is a new podcast from Allen Helton. In this first episode (~23 minutes) Khawaja Shams, CEO of Momento, discusses what constitutes a serverless service. Asking if it’s simply abstracting servers away from consumers, does it include scale to 0, etc? Related blog post.

Allen Helton podcast

Azure Functions 2022 Recap and 2023 Sneak Peek — This recap of the past year in all things Azure Functions is a good overview of where things stand, and it offers us a little glimpse at the plans for the year ahead, including improvements to durable functions.

Anirudh Garg

Transferring Data from AWS to GCP using Storage Transfer Service — Here’s a step-by-step process for transferring data from AWS S3 to Google’s serverless-friendly Cloud Storage in a secure manner using identity federation.

Amrutha Singh (Google Cloud)

This Is Why You Should Keep Stateful and Stateless Resources Together — “separating them into separate stacks violates one of the most important principles in software engineering and complicates things unnecessarily”.

Yan Cui


Decoupling Microservices with AWS EventBridge Pipes — AWS has introduced a new service called EventBridge Pipes. This post looks at how decoupling of services can be done without EventBridge Pipes and the problems you will likely encounter. It then looks at how EventBridge Pipes can be used to solve the problems.

Christian Bannes

Is EventBridge Pipes the Missing Piece in Your Event-Driven Puzzle?
Mario Bittencourt

Generate Excel Workbooks from Postgres on AWS — A distinctly AWS-flavored recipe here (for both RDS and Aurora) for extracting data from Postgres into Excel workbooks by way of AWS Lambda and S3.

Shaik, Chintha, and Agarwal (AWS)

Slashing Serverless API Latency with AppSync JavaScript Resolvers — If you’ve written a serverless function you’ve likely encountered the ‘cold start’ problem. Rawad looks at how to go about reducing it.

Rawad Haber

Secure Your AWS Lambdas with TypeScript — A look at securing your API using Amazon Cognito.

Camilo Reyes

Build A Serverless Streaming Pipeline — …with Amazon MSK Serverless, Amazon MSK Connect, and MongoDB Atlas.

Babu Srinivasan & Robert Walters

Build a Serverless ChatGPT SMS Chatbot with OpenAI and Node — If there’s a way to attach something to a text messaging service, Twilio is sure to find it :-)

Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)