#​253 — July 15, 2022

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Amazon Redshift Serverless Now Generally Available — Redshift is Amazon's managed data warehouse service and now you can do all of those analytical data warehouse-y things without provisioning and managing resources and just paying for the processing time of workloads as you go (storage remains billed S3-style).

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Yan's Lessons Learned From Running Serverless in Production — As well as being a renowned serverless expert, Yan has been an AWS customer for years, so when he shares "five most important lessons that I have learnt from running serverless in production," we pay attention!

Yan Cui

Debugging Serverless Environments Is Difficult — Level up your serverless debugging experience with Rookout's serverless debug session. Quickly identify problematic areas with the addition of graphic visualization of the serverless function history. Try Rookout's Live Debugger Free Today!

Rookout sponsor

How to Fail at Serverless: Serverless is Stateless — Shares stories of failure so that we can learn from them: "Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent."

Kam Lasater


Optimizing Node.js Dependencies in AWS Lambda — Node.js was the first runtime that AWS’s Lambda serverless platform supported and it’s still a fantastic fit. Nonetheless, there are some performance aspects to keep in mind to help with those ‘cold starts’ – this post focuses on the role of bundling to improve said performance.

Richard Davison

How To Separate Your Serverless Infrastructure on AWS — If you need to separate your serverless AWS infrastructure, this post looks at how, using CloudFormation Outputs and SSM parameters, with CDK, SAM, Serverless Framework, and Terraform.

Elias Brange