#​229 — January 21, 2022

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Serverless Status

Build a Wordle-Like SMS Game with Twilio Serverless — A just-for-fun homage to popular word game Wordle, in which you build a text/SMS-based version using Twilio Functions, the Serverless Toolkit, and cookies.

Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)

🎉  Amazon’s DynamoDB, 10 Years Later — Amazon DynamoDB was introduced 10 years ago this week - doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Although the term ‘serverless’ was barely used back then, DynamoDB has found itself at the heart of many serverless apps in the AWS ecosystem and its approach to scalability and resiliency remains powerful.

Amazon Science

How Do We Predict the Ever-Changing Shape of the Covid19 Pandemic? 🦠📊 — Head of Epidemiological Modelling and developers from Monash’s School of Public Health & Preventive medicine explain how they ingest data to produce models.

Buildkite sponsor

🤑  A Cloudflare Workers Optimization That Will Reduce Bills — In these inflation heavy times, we’re never going to complain about bills going down, and Cloudflare’s presenting that opportunity to Workers users by changing the period of time that they bill for when writing responses to clients.

Kenton Varda and Erwin van der Koogh (Cloudflare)

Serverless Deployment of Machine Learning Models on AWS Lambda — A detailed guide to deploying dockerised ML models with lambda functions, walking you through the tools needed to enable application testing locally before deployment on AWS.

Lloyd Hamilton

Awesome EventBridge: A List of Resources for Learning about Amazon EventBridge — Here’s a growing list of helpful links for getting up to speed on events, patterns, and using Amazon EventBridge. There’s how-to videos, tutorials, and tools - contributions are welcomed.

David Boyne

Announcing the New Console Home in AWS Management Console — A welcome improvement if you spend much time here.

Amazon Web Services

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