#​203 — June 4, 2021

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Serverless Rules: Rules to Validate Infrastructure-as-Code Templates Against Recommended Practices — An initial preview of an AWS Labs project for extending CloudFormation and Terraform linters to provide quick serverless-specific feedback on your app templates.

Amazon Web Services Labs

Amazon SQS Now Supports a High Throughput Mode for FIFO Queues — Originally SQS (Simple Queue Service) didn’t promise what order messages would arrive in, but FIFO queues, launched in 2016, changed all that at a cost of lower total throughput. Now, however, there’s a high throughput mode allowing up to 3,000 messages per second per API action – a 10x increase over the standard FIFO queue quota.

Amazon Web Services

Application Monitoring Built for Serverless + Containers — Epsagon gives engineering teams visual intuition to develop, troubleshoot, and monitor microservices. It’s a Microservices Observability SaaS that provides investigative tools to ‘drill-down’ through and explore container and serverless applications.

Epsagon sponsor

Serverless Functions: The Secret to Ultra-Productive Front-End Teams — The title screams evangelism but it’s really genuine excitement at the opportunities serverless platforms open up for front-end developers.

Jason Lengstorf

Rethinking Postgres in a Post-Server World — The increasingly popularity of ‘serverless’ solutions is having an impact on databases with entire paradigms (e.g. the DynamoDB model) and new services (e.g. Fauna) being created or extended to support serverless use cases. Michael Rispoli shares his thoughts on how databases created in the pre-serverless era can fit into this new world.

Michael Rispoli

12 Common Misconceptions About DynamoDB — DynamoDB’s approach is different enough to most other databases that it’s not surprising there are a variety of common misconceptions.

Rafal Wilinski

Introducing the SMS Sandbox for Amazon SNS — Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) lets you deliver notifications via numerous methods, including SMS text messages. The SMS sandbox provides a safe environment to try the SMS features without risking your reputation.

Amazon Web Services

How We Debugged And Fixed EMFILE: too many files open on AWS Lambda — When running a Node.js-powered function, the author’s team kept running into this error oriented around the use of file descriptors. Luckily, the fix was pretty simple.

Michael Bahr

▶  Discussing Differing Serverless Perspectives Between Cloud Providers

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How to Create and Publish OpenAPI-Enabled Azure Functions with Visual Studio and .NET
Shayne Boyer

Six Common Pitfalls of AWS Lambda with Kinesis Triggers
Mariliis Retter