#163 — August 14, 2020

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Choreography vs Orchestration in the Land of ServerlessChoreography and Orchestration describe two modes of interaction in a microservices architecture, with one having every service dance independently, and in the other being controlled by an ‘orchestrator’. Yan Cui covers both from the context of serverless.

Yan Cui

AWS Glue 2.0: 10x Faster Start Times and 1 Min Minimum Billing DurationGlue is AWS’s fully managed ‘serverless’ extract, transform, and load (ETL) service. v2.0 features significantly improved start times and 1 minute minimum billing (with 1 second increments thereafter) which is down on a 10 minute minimum before.

Amazon Web Services

Free Guide: What Every CIO Needs to Know About Serverless — The TriggerMesh guide “What Every CIO Needs to Know about Serverless” compiles feature comparisons of major offerings and explains concepts like cloud native in plain English. Use it to inform your peers on serverless benefits and available options.

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AWS Lambda Now Supports Custom Runtimes on Amazon Linux 2 — You can now develop your AWS Lambda functions using custom runtimes on Amazon Linux 2, the latest generation of Amazon Linux. This comes as part of a flurry of Amazon Linux 2 news including Java 8 (Corretto) support and Go(lang) support on Amazon Linux 2 as well.

Amazon Web Services

Azure Functions PowerShell 7 Support Now Generally Available — PowerShell 6 is nearing ‘end of life’ so Functions users are being encouraged to upgrade when possible.


Automating Database Backups with AWS Fargate, S3 and CDK — An example of serverless enabling a simple solutions to a common devops task: automating MongoDB database backups using AWS Fargate, S3, and CDK.

Alexander Fortin

Shifting from Express.js to Azure Functions — Learn to refactor Express.js endpoints to Azure Functions and what areas are affected when going serverless.

Craig Shoemaker (Microsoft)

Archiving AWS Data to Reduce Storage Costs — With AWS, generally the more immediately available your data is, the more it costs to store it, but you can aggregate data and transition between different storage tiers to make big savings.

Michael Bahr

▶  The Well-Architected Serverless Lens with Heitor Lessa — Jeremy Daly chats with Heitor Lessa about how best practices are defined, how services are chosen for the serverless lens, and more.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

WebAssembly + OpenFaaS.. A Universal Runtime for Serverless Functions? — A proof of concept showing off how you can use OpenFaaS and Krustlet to run WebAssembly functions on any Kubernetes cluster.

Ramiro Berrelleza

Flareact: An Edge-Rendered React Framework Built for Cloudflare Workers — Features file-based page routing with dynamic page paths and edge-side data fetching APIs.

Josh Larson