#161 — July 31, 2020

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A Calculator to See If Serverless is Cheaper For Your Use Case — An introduction to a calculator hosted on Google Sheets that lets you plug in a variety of variables like sessions per day, usage type, database use, etc. and then give you a rough idea of costs across various AWS services.

Xavier Lefèvre

Cloudflare Unveils 'Workers Unbound' — Somehow it’s been three years since Cloudflare released Workers, their JavaScript-powered take on an edge-based serverless platform. Unbound takes Workers a step further with support for longer execution times. In related news, they’ve also announced broader language support for Workers, by supporting Python, Scala, Kotlin, Reason and Dart out of the box.

The Cloudflare Blog

Do More with Serverless - Join the TriggerMesh Beta — TriggerMesh helps you do more with serverless. Connect GitLab with Confluent and Zendesk, or connect these and dozens of other apps with AWS services like Kinesis, SQS, SNS, and Cognito. Even integrate with EventBridge. Join the Beta program today.

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How I Built a Serverless Search for My Blog — An interesting writeup of how someone built a custom search system using Java and Apache Lucene compiled into a native binary with GraalVM and then running that on AWS Lambda.

Gunnar Morling

Eliminating Cold Starts with Cloudflare Workers — No one likes cold starts – that delay when a function isn’t loaded, in memory, and ready to run. But Cloudflare thinks they have an optimization to eradicate them.. load the worker first thing during TLS negotiation. This only works because Workers’ load time is low in the first place, though.


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How to Create Your First HTTP Endpoint with Swift on AWS Lambda — The Swift AWS Lambda Runtime was introduced in May, but here’s a more practical guide to creating and deploying your own Swift-powered function on AWS Lambda. While Swift is becoming a popular standalone language in its own right, this may be particularly interesting to you if you have recent macOS or iOS development experience.

Fabian Fett

Save 30% on Manning Books with Code: nlsest30 — Get up to speed with Manning and learn from the very best. Our expert authors include Google engineers and AWS team members.

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Implementing Serverless 'Magic' Login Links with AWS Cognito — ‘Magic’ links are a form of authentication where instead of using a password you get sent an email with a link that then logs you into a system. Note that this is more an example/proof of concept (using JavaScript) than a tutorial.

Thomas Schoffelen

Scaling a Live Battle Royale Game With No Budget — A live virtual meet-up taking place in a few hours — Em Lazer-Walker, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, will be showing how you can scale up serverless to handle major usage spikes. (A recording will be available if you miss this live.)

Certified Fresh Events

Securing Netlify Functions with serverless-jwt and Auth0

Sandrino Di Mattia

scikit-learn-lambda: A Toolkit for Deploying scikit-learn Models for Realtime Inference on AWS Lambda

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