#150 — May 15, 2020

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How to Succeed with Serverless? Automate Best Practices! — We first featured sls-dev-tools, a set of serverless ‘devtools’, a few weeks ago and things seem to be going from strength to strength. Guardian is a new audit tool within the sls-dev-tools suite that does best practice auditing of your projects, and this post digs into how it works.

Ben Ellerby

Deno 1.0 Released: A New JavaScript Runtime Ideal for Serverless? — Deno is a new JavaScript runtime from Node’s original creator. It has a lot of compelling features, some of which are well suited to serverless use cases (such as the entirety of Deno coming in a single executable). Fly.io are migrating JS apps to running on it, Begin.com’s SSR tutorial now leads with it, you can get started on AWS Lambda or Azure Functions too. We expect to see a lot more about Deno in the coming months.

Ryan Dahl, Bert Belder, and Bartek Iwańczuk

Webiny - The Easiest Way to Adopt Serverless — Coding and architecting serverless apps can be challenging, time-consuming and it poses a big risk to the project. Using Webiny it’s no longer the case. Webiny is your foundation for building full-stack serverless apps. It's free and open-source.

Webiny sponsor

You Can Now Control Email Flows in Amazon WorkMail with AWS LambdaWorkMail is AWS’s hosted email service and you can now use Lambda to serverlessly build email flow rules to dynamically route email however you wish using your own code. It’s nice to see Lambda being used within AWS to provide more customization of other services.

Amazon Web Services

▶  Discussing Serverless Developer Culture with Linda Nichols — Jeremy Daly chats with Microsoft’s Linda Nichols about modern cloud development and deployment practices, the importance of ops, and testing culture.

Serverless Chats podcast

Tracking Stripe Payments with Slack and faasd — How to track your Stripe payments as they happen using Slack, powered by Python on faasd (you basically get the OpenFaaS experience but without Kubernetes).

Mehdi Yedes

Getting Started with Serverless on AWS — Rather than a tutorial, this is a ‘resource guide’ based on the path the author took, so it links to tutorials, examples, and templates to help you flesh out your own learning path. I like this style of post.

Emily Shea

Serverless Authentication with AWS Amplify: A Practical Guide

Kay Plößer

How We Built a Multiplayer Card Game in 1 Week — 100% serverlessly, of course. How? Cloud Firestore and AWS Lambda (with Java under the hood). A front-end Angular app tops it off.

Thomas Recouvreux

Build Internal Tools in Days, Not Weeks — Quickly build the tools your company needs with Retool. UI building blocks that connect to any DB or API— Lambda included.

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Combining the Best of AWS EventBridge and AWS Kinesis

John Gilbert

Serverless MySQL: A Module to Manage MySQL Connections at Scale — This wraps around the usual mysql module and adds a little connection management designed for serverless use cases where you want to clean up any connections that aren’t being used.

Jeremy Daly

Deno Worker for Azure Functions: Run Deno on Azure Functions — If you’re a fan of Azure’s serverless platform, this will help you get Deno (a new server-side JavaScript runtime - think Node, but not – see our featured item for more) up and running fast.

Anthony Chu